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NRCC Sends Gift to Houlahan to Mark Start of Fall

IMG_20170927_124053The National Republican Campaign Committee sent a gift to Chrissy Houlahan, marking the start of Fall, and to continue their push to make single payer healthcare a central part of the campaign.  

“Fall brings out the best in everyone – and the NRCC is no exception. That’s why we sent Chrissy Houlahan a friendly gift today in the form of Harrison Lievesley’s highly acclaimed book, ‘Why Socialism Works,’” NRCC spokesman Chris Martin wrote in an announcement of the gift.  

The book consists of 169 pages, all containing the words “it doesn’t” in the center of the page.  

Campaigns often send gifts like these to opponents to gain earned media and get their message out in a different way.  

The NRCC has been pushing Houlahan to take a position on single payer in the last couple of months, especially since Senator Bernie Sanders introduced his medicaid for all plan.  

“Your support for Bernie Sanders’s socialist single payer healthcare legislation would cost taxpayers $32 trillion and give the federal government full control of our healthcare,” Martin wrote in a handwritten note included in the gift.  

As 2018 gets closer, there will likely be more things like this from the campaigns looking for interesting ways to push their message.  The DCCC has also used this tactic in New York this cycle, sending a copy of ‘Ethics For Dummies’ to New York Congressman Chris Collins’ office in August.  

PoliticsPA has reached out to Houlahan’s campaign for comment on this story.

You can see the handwritten note below.


7 Responses

  1. These GOP sit around and do petty things…they know how to say no and obstruct, but are unable to govern. Let’s talk policy that helps people and not play games that do nothing to advance the lives of others, folks.

  2. Houlahan is a sheep. She is literally sitting there with her finger in the air trying to figure out which way the wind is blowing so she can make a policy decision on health care (OR ANYTHING ELSE FOR THAT MATTER). Congress doesn’t need more followers, we need leaders. Houlahan’s actions over the last couple of months tell me she is surely not a leader.

  3. Pretty typical for Republicans – answering complicated public policy questions with two-word answers so their votes can comprehend what they’re saying.

      1. How are those social programs like the police and fire treating your personal safety? Pretty good? Well that’s funny they are socialistic programs!

        1. Not the same as socialism by any means. Social programs within a capitalist society are proven to be needed, just like Socialism as a full economic system has been proven not to work.

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