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NRCC Upgrades Two to “Young Guns”

The National Republican Congressional Committee added two Pennsylvania candidates to its “Young Guns” program.

Candidates Marty Nothstein and John Chrin were formally upgraded from “contenders” to full-fledged Young Guns.

Nothstein is facing former Allentown solicitor Susan Wild for the PA-7 seat vacated by Charlie Dent.

Chrin is facing Rep. Matt Cartwright (D-Lackawanna) in PA-8, one of the only vulnerable Democratic seats in the state.

The multi-stage plan offers levels of fundraising and infrastructure support for congressional candidates that meet benchmarks for fundraising and campaign messaging.

Being added to the program means the GOP at the national level sees these campaigns as viable and competitive on their own, enough so that they warrant full party support and guidance.

Rep. Kevin McCarthy, House majority leader and cofounder of the Young Guns program, said House Republicans, with the help of the Trump administration, are “leading America’s comeback.”

“Across the country, conservatives are coming together and stepping into the political arena to help complete the work needed to strengthen our economy, our military, and our country,” he said. “I am proud to welcome each candidate to the Young Guns program to ensure they have the resources they need to win, and I look forward to seeing them on the trail this summer and fall.”

11 Responses

  1. I’m off the Marty Party, but I will support Chrin because he is a fellow New Jersey resident like me.

  2. Both are fantastic candidates and have accomplished so much in their lives. Both would be absolutely fantastic congressmen. Marty has a slightly easier road with the open seat, but both have good chances. The summer months will prove how bad they want it and how likely a win for them will be in November.

    1. Would help if Chrin lived in the district for more than a week…

      1. He bought a house in the district in November, then got drawn out under the new lines, but is still running in the district. It’s like double the carpet bagging.

        I guess running in his home town of Short Hills “The Richest Town in America”, New Jersey, would be too hard.

      2. Cartwright lives in district but acts like he’s from San Francisco. His policies are far far away from anything connecting with the people of the 8th.

        1. San Francisco?!? Oh my word! That awful awful awful clean, beautiful city?! Where people want to visit and move to?

          Heavens no! Tell me you’re lying!
          That Matt Cartwright won’t get away with this.

    1. Marty is under 50 he will certainly be considered a young gun in the oldest congress in history.

  3. Inside Elections (a non partisan political newsletter) has PA-8 with Cartwright as likely Dem which is one step from solid Dem. It is not even “lean Dem” or “toss-up.” This non partisan newsletter unlike NRCC’s blabberings or Kevin McCarthy’s yakking is objective and more reliable as to what is happening. The reality is this–Dems are super charged with Supreme Court and Trump fueling the engine. And if you want a bell weather look at Doug Jones in Alabama. He won not because R’s suddenly went Jones but because Dem’s got very interested which is exactly what is going on here in 2018. This is a big Dem year and all that the “Young Guns” nonsense will do is make media outlets and political consultants income through political advertisement spending. Cartwright, Wolf, Casey and others will win on Nov 6th.

    1. Nor does almost anyone who lives in Cartwright’s district. Chris is a Wall Street carpetbagger

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