NRSC Launches Facebook Ads On ACA

NRSC ACA AdThe National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) is launching a new Facebook ad targeting Senator Bob Casey on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) as part of a national ad buy.  

“Bob Casey should be held accountable for being dishonest with voters and being complacent in Obamacare’s death spiral,” NRSC spokesman Bob Salera said in an email.  

The ad will be running in 10 states that President Trump won in 2016 that have Democratic incumbent Senators.  

The ad includes a clip of Casey on CNN’s Crossfire in 2013 saying, “parts of this level that have been implemented are working.”  

Casey’s full statement during the segment was in response to a question from S.E. Cupp on the program.  

“No, what we should do, S.E., is do what we’ve been doing since the bill was passed: debate the merits of it, work on changes to it. But we should also remember that parts of this level that have been implemented are working. Seventeen million kids with preexisting conditions had no coverage before this law passed. Millions of seniors getting help with the coverage gap, the so-called doughnut hole — which is a nice way of saying you’ve got a big hole in your budget to pay for prescription drugs — millions of them being helped. So a lot of families being helped. A lot of small businesses are being helped. So we’ve got to deal with the issue.  But if we’re just going to play games here and have — have an ideological high-wire act about any issue, instead of debating the issues, making changes. I’ve supported changes in the bill. I’ve supported changes that would include repealing the medical device fee.”

The Pennsylvania Democratic Party responded to the ad by pointing to the Senate Republican healthcare plan, calling the ad an attempt to distract voters from their own healthcare plan.  

“It’s understandable that Republicans are desperate to distract from their disastrous health care scheme which would force seniors to pay an age tax and end protections for those with preexisting conditions. Unfortunately for the GOP, misleading Facebook ads can’t change the fact that their bill would send out-of-pocket health care costs skyrocketing and leave hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvanians without access to affordable care,” Pennsylvania Democratic Party spokesman Max Steele said in an email.

You can view the entire ad below.  


14 Responses

  1. NRSC:

    If you like your health insurance, we’ll cancel it, make it un-affordable, or remove any protections so you aren’t covered. Trump 2020. So much “winning” it’s killing us.

  2. But it keeps an ad job for someone, that’s kind of like a jobs program that is good for the economy. Right?

  3. This Dem hopes someone is able to force our electeds to admit what most avoid: that no for-profit system can humanely and sustainably provide for a citizenry’s healthcare. Best luck NRSC!

  4. When even the Fox News poll is showing majority support for Obamacare and unfavorables that are twice the support for the Senate Republican plan, maybe this is not the best use of donor money.

    1. “ destroy America.” Say serious things if you want to be taken seriously. Until then, I will refer to you as Little David.

  5. WOW, this site is really amazing.

    PoliticsPA pushes false Trumpcare propaganda on its readers.

    1. Why should that differ from the steady stream of fallacies tweeted by Trump and pushed by GOP propaganda?

    2. I definitely wouldn’t consider it a death spiral, but do you not agree that it needs to be amended and worked on, at the very, very least?

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