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Nutter for Senate?

Mayor Michael Nutter

An intriguing possible development emerged today as it appears that Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter may have his eye on statewide office.

According to Chris Brennan of the Daily News, the political and public relations firm Fleck Consulting has registered the website domains and

The connection to Mayor Nutter and Fleck Consulting is likely Lindsey Perry. Perry currently works at Fleck but was a political consultant for Nutter’s 2011 re-election campaign and then became an assistant city solicitor. An invitation for an October 3rd Nutter fundraiser was sent from Ms. Perry.

Michael Nutter is currently serving his second term as Mayor and is set to leave office in January 2016.

“Nutter, through a spokesman, said he was ‘unaware’ of the websites, did not authorize their creation and is ‘not considering any run for the U.S. Senate,’” The Daily News reported.

If he chose to run, Mayor Nutter who have to take on former Congressman and 2010 Senate Democratic nominee Joe Sestak, who announced the creation of a 2016 exploratory committee back in May.

The Democratic nominee who be seeking to unseat freshman Republican Senator Pat Toomey.

13 Responses

  1. Joseph- I’d like to know where all that Marxism is with the Dow over 15,000 and I’d like to know your reasoning for defending Billionaires and all your sellout-America Chamber of Commerce friends who took foreign money to defeat Democrats in 2010? Such a Patriot you are!! :-/ Barack Obama just gave you the biggest middle class tax cut in the history of the Republic…and your upset with that??? And as far as your guns are concerned…when the revolution comes…we liberals aren’t going to need any, we’re just just gonna use our bare hands and it’s going to feel soo much better! 😉

  2. Joseph-
    Stop mixing Red Bull with your meds. It’s the right-wing nutjobs who think Obama was born in Kenya and is a secret Muslim. They claim he’s a socialist but also claim he’s beholden to Wall Street.

    Name one “means of production” they want the government to take over? Making computers? Cell phones? Aluminum pipes? Refrigerators? Frisbees? Chewing gum?

    Not sure how we got onto gun control here, but Philly wants gun laws for within its city limits, and doesn’t give a rat’s ass about rural gun owners either way. It’s the rural gun owners who are so f*cking stupid that they think restrictions in Philly affect them.

  3. David Diano:
    Stop lying about libertarians and conservatives, and I will stop telling the truth about you Stalinist liberal progressives. The only thing this S.O.B. has going for him is his skin color, just like Obama and his Marxist professors. More than half of the homicides in P.A. are in Philly, and somehow, it is the fault of rural P.A. gun owners. This guy, like Obama, would see to it that the government take over every one of the ways and means of production that could be taken over. Just another racial agitator and a Statist. Welcome to the Union of Soviet Socialist American States.

  4. Jenn, perhaps you should work on your reading comprehension. It doesn’t say Fleck represented the Mayor, it says “Fleck Consulting has registered the website domains and” A simple Whois search confirms that as a fact. My assumption is that they registered them without the Mayor’s knowledge just to have them.

  5. I’m appalled by the lack of accuracy in this article. Not only has Fleck consulting never represented Mayor Nutter but Lindsey Perry left Fleck Consulting over a month ago. With or without Fleck, PERRY consulting has been the representation of the Mayor, Get your facts straight!

  6. Joseph-

    I thought you right-wing nutjobs thought Obama was the black Karl Marx?

    I guess all black people look the same to you.

  7. Holy crap. A black-skinned Karl Marx?

    Do you know anything about Michael Nutter or Karl Marx? Or, you know, common decency?

  8. Another black skinned Karl Marx. I’m sure he will be waving plenty of rubbers and pills around to try and win the “war on women”. not too long now until this country turns into the new Soviet-Russia.

  9. Fleck? That’s the same outfit for Pawlowski’s campaign.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if an outfit like Fleck’s was grabbing the domain names in advance in hopes of selling them back to the campaign, or in an attempt to deny Nutter the domains.

    Gee, I hope they haven’t grabbed before I can. 🙂

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