Obama Campaign Opens 14th Pennsylvania Office

By Elyse Clonan, Contributing Writer

Organizing for America Pennsylvania (OFA PA) on Wednesday will mark the opening of the Northern Liberties Field office in Philadelphia.  The office is the fourth in the city of Philadelphia and the fourteenth throughout Pennsylvania.  

“While the GOP campaigns are just now coming to just now coming to Pennsylvania in advance of the primary, Organizing for America has been in the state since early 2009,” a press release issued Tuesday stated.  

“…Members of the media and the public are invited to attend to learn more about OFA PA’s work to build the strongest grassroots organization possible by registering voters, talking one-on-one with neighbors about the issues they care about, and encouraging them to support President Obama in November.”

The Obama campaign also plans to open additional offices in Northeast Philadelphia, Reading, Lancaster, Westmoreland and Bethlehem over the course of the next month.

8 Responses

  1. It is so sad how much this wonderful man has taken a beating. I beleive in him and will have his back this election. The stupidity that is coming out of the mouths of people is astounding. I mean really he is going to steal the election through Philly. Get a grip on yourself an stop hating so much!!! He is trying that is more than I can say for his predecessor!!!!

  2. You all are still waiting for hope and change? Really?
    Hype and blame is the sad result for 3-1/2 years.

  3. I support Obama, but even if you do not, if Romney takes over this country the fallout will be beyond what we can imagine.

  4. You all are bashing President OBAMA as if these problems didn’t exist prior to him taking office. I don’t recall all this complaints when Bush was in office, and everything was a mess then. Best believe people that if President Obama isn’t re-elected the problems will still exist with the new guy.

  5. Notice that Obama only cares about the Philadelphia area for opening offices. He knows that without Philadelphia’s crooked thugs cheating for him, there is no way that he can win in PA. He’s going to steal this election. Mark my words on that. He will use race, gender, sexual orientation, and class to divide this country, and if that’s not enough, he will outright steal this election. This “man” is disgusting and not worthy of office.

  6. They’re opening these offices close together because gas costs too much to make them farther apart.

  7. Obama must be stopped. His economic policies have not helped this economy while accumulating massive amounts of long term debt that will stifle economic growth for generations to come.

  8. this article failed to mention that OFA well be opening an office in Norristown Montgomery County on april 11 at 6:00

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