Obama Wins Pa. and Reelection

President Obama has won Pennsylvania, as well as the General Election, for 2012.

Obama is projected to win the state with 52 percent of the vote, compared to GOP nominee Mitt Romney’s 46 percent as of late Tuesday night. 

“I commend Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan for running a hard-fought campaign in Pennsylvania,” said PA GOP Chairman Rob Gleason.

Despite a furious, last-minute charge by the Romney campaign Pennsylvania ended up staying
true blue. The final weeks of the campaign included massive spending by pro-Romney PACs, and visits from both Romney and his running mate Paul Ryan.

Polls also helped fuel the fire for the GOP, as multiple polls showed that Romney had closed the gap to within three points and tightened the race significantly.

As it stands, Obama has dominated Romney in the Electoral College 303-203 late Tuesday night. However, the popular vote remains tight, with an 50 to 49 percent Obama advantage as of 2:00 a.m.

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  1. I noticed Susquehanna Polling’s headquarters were advertising that they were available for lease this morning…

  2. Now that the results are in, it’s really awesome to see how totally accurate and “right-on-the-money” Susquehanna was with all of its Presidential and Senate polling. Bravo, Team Susquehanna!

    I think 2012 will be remembered as the year that Susquehanna cashed in its chips, trading its reputation as a legitimate, albeit Republican-leaning, polling firm for its new status as a “numbers-for-cash”, unhinged-from-reality, right-wing “data” manufacturer. They appear to have made a conscious decision take on the role of being a kind of political “900 phone-sex” service for PA conservatives — “you pay us money and we’ll tell you anything you want to hear.” Hope it goes well for you folks and that you are enjoying your new role in PA. (Spoiler alert: the first Susquehanna poll for the 2014 Gubernatorial race will show Tom Corbett with a commanding double-digit lead over any & all Democratic challengers and approval numbers in the triple digits.)

  3. Obama won both popular and Electoral.

    A win is a win.

    As for the polls, Romney was never ahead of Obama in any PA poll, and there was no legitimate reason to think Romney had a chance.

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