O’Connell Cruises In Allentown Mayoral Race

The interim Mayor wins the race. 

Democrat Ray O’Connell cruised to a comfortable victory on Tuesday night over Republican Tim Ramos. 

According to LehighValleyLive, O’Connell secured 66% of the vote with all but three precincts reporting by 11 pm.  

“I am honored and humbled to be the mayor of Allentown,” O’Connell said during a victory speech, according to WFMZ

O’Connell will serve the remaining two years of former Mayor Ed Pawlowski’s term, who resigned in 2018 after being convicted in a federal corruption trial. O’Connell, a former councilmember, has served as interim mayor since Pawlowski began his 15 year prison sentence

O’Connell previously coasted to a comfortable victory to be the Democratic nominee in May in the four candidate race. 


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One thought on “O’Connell Cruises In Allentown Mayoral Race”

  1. Dilbert Pickles says:

    How is this a notable story? A democrat running in Allentown and won significantly?

    The real story is Ray O’Connell ran a write in campaign in 2017 because the Republican Nat Hyman was going to win against indicted felon (and Democrat) Ed Pawlowski and Ray’s goal was to ensure Pawlowski’s victory so he could be appointed interim mayor once Pawlowski went to jail.

    And it should be noted that Ray O’Connell was on the council during the Pawlowski’s term and was a rubber stamp for selling City Hall for campaign contributions and Eagles tickets.

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