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October 12th Playbook

Attorney General Josh Shapiro will formally launch his campaign for Governor on Wednesday. Here is the Playbook.


‘Pennsylvania attorney general jumps into ’22 governor’s race’: The Associated Press reports that “Pennsylvania’s high-profile attorney general, Josh Shapiro, will formally announce his candidacy for governor on Wednesday, entering the 2022 race months after making his intentions known and effectively clearing the field of potential rivals for the Democratic nomination.”

‘GOP wants personal voter data to root out fraud. Pa. already uses a more secure system.’: Spotlight PA reports that “Pennsylvania has spent nearly half a million dollars over the past six years to find and remove outdated registrations from its voter database, a process Senate Republicans now want to take up in a partisan-driven review — at added expense to taxpayers.”

‘Republican lawsuits over Pennsylvania’s mail voting law have some Democrats quietly worried’: The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that “the law known as Act 77 is facing perhaps its most serious court challenge yet. Some Democrats worry about how even a temporary legal setback would be received in the current political environment.”

‘Pa. lawmakers spend millions of tax dollars on private lawyers but often don’t reveal why’: Spotlight PA and The Caucus report that “the Pennsylvania legislature spent nearly $10 million during the last two years on private lawyers but routinely shielded the purpose of those expenses, hiding which lawmakers and their staffs required representation — and why, according to a new investigation.”

‘The 2021 Pennsylvania Fifty Over 50’: City & State PA reports that “these people have made lasting contributions to Pennsylvania by helping shape their communities through successful business endeavors, civic engagement and service to local and state government.”

‘What to watch in Pennsylvania politics this week’: City & State PA reports on “what to watch this week.”

‘For Josh Shapiro, the only Dem candidate for Pa. governor, it’s all going according to plan’: WHYY reports that “Shapiro’s lofty political ambitions have been well-known and discussed throughout his nearly two decades in Pennsylvania politics. But his bid remains unusual.”

‘Pa. State System university enrollment craters to lowest level in over 30 years’: The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that “Pennsylvania’s 14 state-owned universities lost another 5,000-plus students this fall, dropping total head count enrollment below 89,000 — a level not seen in three-plus decades, dating nearly to the system’s founding — according to just released data Monday.”

‘You’re invited! A free virtual panel on the Nov. 2 election and why it matters’: Spotlight PA reports that “on Thursday, Oct. 22 at noon EST, join Spotlight PA’s Sarah Anne Hughes and Danielle Ohl as they break down who is on the ballot this November, what’s at stake, and why it matters. Other panelists to be announced.”

‘Pa.’s Highways, by the numbers | The Numbers Racket’: The Pennsylvania Capital-Star details “which of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties boasts the most and the least linear highway miles.”

‘Lt. Gov. Fetterman touts underspending his office’s budget by $776,000 for the last 2 years’: PennLive reports that “Lt. Gov. John Fetterman reports that his office has underspent its budget for the past two years by $776,000 and said it’s an example of how he is living up to his “platform of good governance” that he ran on to get elected.”

‘New bill looks to honor veterans of recent conflicts’: CBS21 reports that “a new push at the state level would recognize veterans for their service in the Middle East. If approved, March 6 will be observed as Persian Gulf War Veterans Day and October 7 as Global War on Terrorism Veterans Day.”

‘Turnpike ready to profit from excess broadband space in Eastern Pennsylvania’: The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that “after years of planning, the Pennsylvania Turnpike is ready to make money — potentially tens of millions — by selling space on a new broadband system along the toll road in Eastern Pennsylvania.”

‘Poison centers in Pennsylvania see an increase in ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine exposures’: WESA reports that “the state’s two poison centers are treating more Pennsylvanians for ivermectin exposure after misinformation has led some to believe the anti-parasitic drug can cure COVID-19.”

‘Chuck Peruto runs for district attorney while DA Larry Krasner ignores him and the race’: The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that “Peruto supported Krasner’s campaign four years ago. Now he is trying to unseat Krasner, unhappy with his approach as a prosecutor.”

‘‘There is no such thing as an off year’: Voter registration rally at Philadelphia City Hall’: WHYY reports that “an effort is underway in Philadelphia to continue to register new voters right up until next week’s deadline for the upcoming general election.”

‘Ideologies clash as progressive defends Allegheny County Council seat’: WESA reports that “four years ago, Democratic Allegheny County Councilor Anita Prizio became one of the first local office-holders to be elected as a member of the Democratic Socialists of America. The O’Hara resident is seeking a second term in the Nov. 2 election, but this time, she faces a challenger who’s deeply committed to the Republican cause.”

‘Pittsburgh City Council to declare city pension fund ‘minimally distressed’’: WESA reports that “on Wednesday Pittsburgh City Council will declare the city’s pension fund “minimally distressed.” According to City Controller Michael Lamb, the fund is now has 70% of the money it needs to meet obligations to city workers —compared to 30% in 2005.”

The Lincoln Project Releases PA Ad: The Lincoln Project released a Pennsylvania-centric ad that criticizes Jeff Yass. 

‘Biden attends nephew’s wedding to ex-‘Real Housewives’ star’: The Associated Press reports that “President Joe Biden attended his nephew’s wedding in Pennsylvania on Monday before returning to Washington for the week.”

‘Pennsylvania coronavirus update: Rates falling in 45 states; Pa. isn’t one of them’: The Allentown Morning Call reports that “Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center reported over the weekend that 45 states are experiencing stable or falling coronavirus infection numbers week-to-week. Pennsylvania isn’t one of them.”

Glenn Thompson: Bipartisan bill will change checkerboard of broadband connectivity in rural America
John T. Yudichak: PA Natural Gas Advancing Economic Opportunities and Environmental Solutions
Christopher Welsh: Pennsylvania is the only state that doesn’t fund public defenders. That needs to change. 
Jon Geeting: Why Can’t Philly Stop Pedestrian Deaths? 
John L. Micek: After pandemic drop, advocates fear spike in child abuse reports this fall | Tuesday Morning Coffee
John L. Micek: ‘We Don’t Accept That’: Immigrants’ rights group wants action now on reform | Monday Morning Coffee
Inquirer Editorial Board: Philly ballot questions: Vote no on Housing Trust Fund contributions, yes to three other proposals 
Post-Gazette Editorial Board: The nose knows, but is that enough?
Hector Ortiz: Hispanic Heritage Month celebrates the diversity of Spanish-speaking people 
Carla Messinger: Why we should replace Columbus Day with an Indigenous Day
Jenna DiLossi: What law enforcement should know about PTSD after sexual abuse | Expert Opinion
Michael Coard: 150 years after his murder, the resurrection of Octavius Catto continues 
Saul Levin and Regina James: Shatter the myths about suicide and kids of color | Expert Opinion
Ebony Griffin: To protect green space threatened by U.S. Bank liens, immediate action must be taken 
Jenice Armstrong: Tears came to my eyes during a visit to a West Mount Airy neighborhood

8 Responses

  1. When someone finally brings out Shapiro’s REAL record, one of seeking headlines instead of fighting crime his numbers will tank. Shapiro is as much of a threat to democracy as the crazy Mastriano and some other wing nuts. His only claim to fame is that he finished the investigation that Kane started. Please don’t just be knee jerk, REALLY dig deep into this guy’s record!!

  2. What has Josh Shapiro done in private industry to indicate he can manage the state government? He is a lifetime employee of the government with no apparent experience working for a living. Government service is not supposed to be the only thing you do for a living. Let’s get some new blood in the selection process.

    1. If by “private industry” you mean someone from the working class that has had to make ends meet, then I’m with you. However, if you mean some wealthy business owner or someone who has inherited wealth then NO THANK YOU!!!! We’ve had these wealthy business owners who think they can get into politics as a secondary hobby and apply their limited business experience to running government. Doesn’t work on the local, county, state or national level. Sad to say, but to effectively run a bureaucracy, you have to be a bureaucrat.

      Oh, and the answer isn’t Ding Dong Doug – THE INSURRECTIONIST. He’s been a failure and incompetent in most everything he’s done.

      1. We’re basically on the same page. A person who makes a career of running for the next office isn’t necessarily a good choice, an entrepreneur who made something happen may be, but at any rate they would be better than some retread lawyer (at least Shapiro isn’t a lawyer) who lives off government service like so many of today’s candidates.

  3. Josh vs Lou will be really focused political battle with lots of campaigning and if anyone thinks it won’t be close you are wrong. Both are good campaigners .

      1. Republican voters would be really stupid to nominate Ding Dong Doug…. THE INSURRECTIONIST, as the gubernatorial candidate in 2022. Even though Lou Barletta has a Trump connection, at least he has a viable conservative record before the criminal Trump got involved in politics.

    1. How did Lou do statewide in 2018? Because I’m pretty sure he lost by 13 points and had the race called before the polls were even closed. Time for someone else to get a shot, not to recycle yesterdays paper. That’s old news.

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