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October 24: Reaching Rural Voters

Farmers, PA

Good Monday Morning. We’re not dancing on our own. We’re dancing with Phillies fans everywhere. BTW: today is the last day to register to vote.

PA Weather
Pittsburgh | Sunny, 74
Harrisburg | Cloudy, Rain, 69
Philadelphia | Cloudy, Periods of Drizzle, 65

PA Sports
Phillies | San Diego, W, 3-2 | FRI: World Series vs. Houston
Temple (2-5) | Tulsa, L, 27-16
Penn State (6-1) | Minnesota, W, 45-17
Pitt (4-3) | Louisville, L, 24-10
Steelers (2-5) | Miami, L, 16-10
Flyers (4-2) | San Jose, L, 4-2
Penguins (4-0-1) | Columbus, W, 6-3 | MON vs. Edmonton
76ers (0-3) | San Antonio, L, 114-105 | MON vs. Indiana

Happy Birthday
Cake and candles for Rep. Steven C. Mentzer.

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Top Story

1. Getting The Rural Vote

Increasingly, rural voters are turning to the Republican Party, as city and suburban voters are drawn to the Democratic Party.

It is vital for Democrats to improve their standing with those in the PA “T,” and the approach John Fetterman is taking offers insights on America’s rural, working-class vote. (The Daily Yonder)


Fetterman and Oz Are Finally Facing Off In a Senate Debate. Here’s What We’re Watching For. “Debates can be an exciting, unfiltered look at the candidates, but this year might be the most intense matchup in recent Senate history, given John Fetterman’s stroke and the intense focus on his health.” (Philadelphia Inquirer)

Some PA Voters Don’t Get Much Out Of Debates Anymore. “Over the years, political parties have called debates a time-honored American tradition. But during Pennsylvania’s 2022 campaign season, more candidates than not are driving a stake through the heart of the practice.” (WESA)

Experts: Fetterman’s Health Unlikely To Impact Senate Race. “While experts say Fetterman’s health remains under scrutiny following a stroke in April, it ultimately may not have much of an impact for voters.” (Tribune-Review)

Politicians Seek To Leverage Celebrities To Reach Voters. “Celebrity endorsements in politics are nothing new, and it’s unclear how much influence they have.” (AP)

  • How Are PA’s Biggest Political Campaigns Reaching Latino Voters? (WHYY)



2. Shapiro Picks Up Endorsement From Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“Mr. Shapiro won’t revolutionize the state government or burn it to the ground. He will, however, incrementally make it work better for all people. His opponent is too dangerous and too extreme. We urge voters to make Josh Shapiro the 48th governor of Pennsylvania.” (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)


Most Outside Spending on PA Governor’s Race Has One Aim: To Defeat Doug Mastriano. “(Josh) Shapiro, the state attorney general, has also separately benefited from millions in spending by groups not connected to his campaign that have a clear partisan agenda and aim to influence the outcome of the election.” (Spotlight PA)

Josh Shapiro Early On Showed Knack For Networking and Regimented Messaging in Politics. “Looking back now, former U.S. Sen. Robert Torricelli said the amount of responsibility he gave the young legislative aide who was fresh off a college internship on Capitol Hill “seems ridiculous.”” (Philadelphia Inquirer)

Shapiro, Mastriano Argue Too Many Taxes, Regulations in PA. “The economy is the top concern for voters, and the nominees in Pennsylvania’s governor race know it.” (The Center Square)

Mastriano Wants To Use PA State Police To Bus Migrants To Delaware. Here’s Why That Breaks Both Federal and State Law. “This policy would violate a federal statute, which criminalizes transporting undocumented migrants “within the United States by means of transportation or otherwise.”” (WITF)

Critical To Protecting Our Democracy, Says Author Tim Miller of PA Governor’s Race. “The former GOP strategist holds forth on Mastriano v. Shapiro; Fetterman and Oz, and why democracy is worth saving.” (Pennsylvania Capital-Star)

Right-Wing Roadshow Promotes Christian Nationalism Before Midterms. “Since April of last year, the ReAwaken America Tour has brought hardline-election deniers, anti-vaccine doctors, self-proclaimed prophets and conspiracy theorists to enthusiastic crowds across the country. The central message is that America’s white, evangelical Christian way of life is under threat from the globalist cabal on the “woke” left.” (Washington Post)

  • Swing and Miss. Mastriano a No-Show At ReAwakening America Shows in Lancaster. (PennLive)


U.S. House

3. Congressional Vulnerability Ratings

“We are updating our list of most vulnerable House seats in the Pennsylvania congressional delegation. This is the seventh consecutive election cycle, that PoliticsPA has been assembling this list, based on reporting with state and national analysts. “ (PoliticsPA)


Debate/Forum Calendar. “Here is a schedule of debates/forums involving candidates for the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, as well as the PA General Assembly.” (PoliticsPA)

PA-09: U.S. House Preview. Incumbent Republican Dan Meuser faces Democratic challenger Amanda Waldman. (PoliticsPA)

  • Election Integrity, Abortion, Climate Change and Ukraine. (Times-Tribune)


PA-01: Ashley Ehasz Picks Up Inquirer Endorsement. “U.S. Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick, the incumbent in Ehasz’s race, failed to vote for Trump’s second impeachment.” (Philadelphia Inquirer)

PA-07: Candidates Volley Over Inflation, Abortion In Rematch. “U.S. Rep Susan Wild (D-Lehigh/Monroe) and Republican challenger Lisa Scheller squared off Friday night for another round of exchanges in a live debate. The event was the second and final face-to-face meeting between the two candidates before the 2022 midterm election.” (LehighValleyNews)

PA-08: Immigration Becomes Key Issue. “More than a thousand miles from the southern U.S. border, the ripple effects of an influx of immigrants into this former coal-mining city could help decide one of the most competitive congressional races in the country next month.” (Wall Street Journal)


Around The Commonwealth

In Red PA, Voting Has Become a Choice of ‘Good vs. Evil.’ “Elections are no longer seen as merely R vs. D in Bible-reading Fulton County. Mastriano is main beneficiary of this religious conviction.” (PennLive)

Racism, Reproductive Rights and Inflation Top Concerns For Voters of Color. “Both liberal and conservative voters shared a concern with reproductive rights and freedoms, including abortion.” (Pennsylvania Capital-Star)

Trump Plans to Challenge the 2022 Elections – Starting In Philly. “The former president is fixated on challenging the results of Pennsylvania’s Senate race, which he views — as one source puts it — as a “dress rehearsal for Trump 2024”” (Rolling Stone)

Justices Take Undated Ballot Case, Don’t Halt Ballot Curing. “Pennsylvania’s high court on Friday ruled in favor of “ballot curing” in which some counties contact voters to correct errors in mail-in ballots and agreed to again consider whether mail-in ballots have to be counted even if they arrive with incorrect or missing handwritten dates on their outer envelopes.” (AP)

How Do States Ensure That Dead People’s Ballots Aren’t Counted. “Election officials regularly check death records. In many states, vital statistics agencies send them monthly lists of people who have died, which officials use to update voter registration files.” (AP)

Ups and Downs. “It was cold in many parts of the Keystone State this week in a reminder that the general election is just 18 days away. Heck, there was even snow in the northwestern parts of the state. And yes, the Phillies are still playing baseball. Here are your ups and downs for the week ending October 21.” (PoliticsPA)

As PA Voter Registration Deadline Looms, One Party Has An Advantage. But Will Turnout Match?With Pennsylvania’s voter registration deadline looming on Monday, Democrats continue to hold an advantage in numbers over Republicans both statewide and locally in the Lehigh Valley.” (LehighValleyLive



2 Responses

  1. Your clip of good vs evil in red PA politics is exactly what is wrong with politics today. Clearly, Sen Mastriano is a flawed man and assigning him Bible based “good” political status is wrong. And who are those who claim to follow the good book but denounce other religions? Religious purity tests in politics cause descending down a moral slippery slope that never works out.


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