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October 30: Vulnerable

Scott Perry

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What We’re Hearing
“Moderate Republicans who know Scott Perry know he’s more like Doug Mastriano than Ronald Reagan.” – Craig Snyder, director of Republicans Against Perry.

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Top Story

1. Anti-Scott Perry Group Says Its New Poll Shows The Republican Is ‘Vulnerable’ To A Democratic Challenger

Rep. Scott Perry

“Republican U.S. Rep. Scott Perry is unpopular among constituents and susceptible to a Democratic upset next year, according to a group opposing him that has released a new poll of district voters.

“We scoured the country for the most vulnerable extremist and the unlucky winner is Scott Perry,” said WelcomePAC co-founder Liam Kerr in a statement in which he added that voters are “lukewarm on Perry and will swing hard against him once fully informed of the damage he causes.”” (PennLive)


DSCC Will Open ‘Command Centers’ In Five Battleground States. “Ahead of a grueling 2024 election, the Senate Democratic campaign arm is making the first moves to establish its ground game and organizing efforts in key battleground states. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is opening “command center offices” in five states: Montana, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, according to details first shared with The Messenger. ” (The Messenger)

In PA, Two Major Voter Groups Have Grown Since The Primary. One Has Shrunk. “Pennsylvanians who identify as neither Democrats or Republicans represent the fastest-growing demographic since the primary heading into next month’s election.” (Erie Times-News)

Voter Registration Update: Republicans Enjoy A Strong Year Ahead Of Election 2023. “Off-years, or odd-numbered years, tend to be favorable for the party out of the White House, and 2023 looks to be no exception. Since my last voter registration update in October 2022, Pennsylvania Republicans saw impressive gains all across the Commonwealth.” (Penn Capital-Star)



2. Mr. PA Politics: For Decades, People Have Turned To Terry Madonna To Understand What’s Happening In Pennsylvania

G. Terry Madonna, political analyst and poll director, to leave F&M, take volunteer position at Millersville University | Local News |

“There are two sides to every story—yours and mine, ours and theirs. The truth can usually be found somewhere in the middle.

Terry Madonna has spent a lifetime seeking the truth; he’s made a career out of it. He’s done it by not taking sides, through impartiality, by favoring facts over emotions.

In Madonna’s field of expertise—politics—that can be a tall task.” (The Burg)


PA Election 2023: When To Expect Results, How Officials Are Preparing, And More. “Officials and experts in Pennsylvania are confident that new technology and growing familiarity with mail ballots among poll workers will make for smooth sailing during the upcoming Nov. 7 election.” (Spotlight PA)

A Q&A with PA Secretary of State Al Schmidt. “The commonwealth’s chief elections officer discusses AI and its impact on election operations, among other concerns.” (City & State)

Ups and Downs. “It’s been a while since we have revisited our feature, highlighting the “ups” and the “downs” of political actors and activity around the Commonwealth.” (PoliticsPA)

Parliamentarian Settles Scores On PA House Floor And Martial Arts Mat. “When it comes to disputes over rules and procedures in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, parliamentarian David Brogan knows how to settle them. Brogan may be a second-degree black belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu but he doesn’t resort to chokeholds or joint locks. Instead he turns to the stack of rule books he carts to his spot on the House floor right next to the speaker’s rostrum on session days.” (PennLive)


Around The Commonwealth

3. Running A Good Race Might Not Be Enough For Rockey To Beat Innamorato In The Race For County Executive

Sara Innamorato, Joe Rockey debate

Joe Rockey has done just about everything a Republican can do to win an election in Allegheny County. But it might not be enough to push him over the finish line ahead of Democrat Sara Innamorato.

That’s the conclusion of political experts watching the final days ahead of the critical Nov. 7 general election for county executive. Mr. Rockey has run a GOP campaign seemingly tailor-made to winning a Democratic county, and has capitalized on an opponent whose staunchly progressive views have threatened to push away some moderate voters in her party.

But running in a blue county has the Republican facing a tough battle.” (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)


In Allegheny County Exec Race, Four Top Donors To Republican Match Democrat’s Entire Haul. “Since June, Joe Rockey’s campaign has received nearly 2.5 times the contributions amassed by Sara Innamorato, even as billionaire involvement and “redboxing” raise the specter of outside expenditures swaying votes.” (Public Source)

Breaking Down Where The City Council At-Large Candidates Stand On Philly’s Biggest Issues. “Candidates are trying to tie their opponents to the national political environment. But in reality, they’ll only have control over local matters. Here’s where they stand on the major issues.” (Philadelphia Inquirer)

A Rare Rematch In The Race For Allegheny County District Attorney Comes Down To Crime And Voters In The Middle. “In a county where Democrats outnumber Republicans by about two-to-one, incumbent Democratic DA Stephen A. Zappala Jr. faces a steep uphill climb in his first time on a GOP ticket.” (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

Challenger Dugan Threatens Zappala’s 25-Year Grip On Allegheny County DA’s Office. “For the past 25 years, the name Zappala has been synonymous with law enforcement in Allegheny County. That could change next month when voters in 130 communities choose between keeping the veteran top prosecutor in office or starting fresh with Matt Dugan, the county’s former chief public defender.” (Tribune-Review)

County Commissioner Races



4. What They’re Saying

  • Just Do It On Nov. 7 Or Before: Vote. (PennLive)
  • What Hamas Did Cannot Be Excused. Why Are So Many On The Left Trying To Do So Anyway? (Kyle Sammin)
  • The End Of The Democratic Party In Pittsburgh. (Brandon McGinley)
  • To Balance Reform And Public Safety, Stephen Zappala For District Attorney. (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)
  • The Young May Become More Conservative, But They Won’t Become Republican. (Jamelle Bouie)
  • We Are The Majority. (Jill Sunday Bartoli)
  • Dare to Care: What To Know About Pennsylvania’s Upcoming Supreme Court Election. “” (Natalie Bencivenga)
  • Term Limits Would Deprive Us Of Skilled Lawmakers. (Uniontown Herald-Standard)
  • Judicial Retention Elections Should Not Be Political Footballs. (Broad + Liberty)
  • Should Pennsylvania Require Schools To Have Armed Security? (Tribune-Review)
  • Automatic Voter Registration In Pennsylvania Boosts Gop Voter Rolls. Will Republicans Now Back Other Pro-Democracy Measures? (LNP)
  • Let’s Air York County’s ‘Dirty Laundry’ (York Dispatch)


1 Thing

5. You Can Call Me Al


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7 Responses

  1. Scott Perry will absolutely carry his election based solely his MAGA roots and that’s why I support him thoroughly

  2. Scott Perry will absolutely carry his election based solely his MAGA roots and that’s why I support him thoroughly

  3. Scott Perry will likely carry his election based solely on MAGA idiots of his hillbilly district.

  4. As James Carville once said “Pennsylvania is Pittsburgh in the west, Philadelphia in the east, with Alabama in between.” I took offense at the time, but he is correct. Scott Perry will win his district even though he is, IMHO, a traitor. The dems will nominate some loony-tune who can’t carry in the general election.

    1. Actually, Pittsburgh was the Soviet Republic of Allegheny County back then. Maybe still is.


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