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OFA, RNC Memos: Romney/Obama Weak in PA

The Obama for America campaign and the Republican National Committee say Mitt Romney/Barack Obama is has potentially fatal weaknesses in Pennsylvania. Here’s the gist of their arguments.

Romney went 5 for 5 on Tuesday (including PA) and Newt Gingrich announced plans to suspend his campaign. The game really is over on the GOP side.

From Obama for America Pa. State Director Bill Hyers.
Spoiler: no mention of “cookiegate.”

Pennsylvania Primary Damages Romney
Spending Significant Time and Resources on Largely Un-Contested Race in Pennsylvania, Romney Further Alienates Key General Election Voters, and is Still Unpopular With Republicans

Despite having an essentially uncontested primary, Mitt Romney spent significant time and energy in Pennsylvania trying, without success, to shore up his Republican support.  In the end, over 40 percent of Republican voters still did not support him.  At the same time, Romney’s extreme policy positions, out-of-touch comments, and insistence on cutting taxes for millionaires and billionaires at the expense of the middle class only damaged his prospects among women, the middle class, and young Americans – all voters he’ll need to win in November.


Mitt Romney’s time in Pennsylvania has surely hurt his standing with women, which was already underwater by more than 10 points. Romney continued embracing the extreme, right-wing politicians that have led state-by-state assaults on women, saying he was “extraordinarily proud” when Governor Corbett endorsed him last week. Governor Corbett recently defended the extreme and controversial mandatory ultrasound bill in Pennsylvania by saying women can just “close their eyes” when government forces them to undergo an invasive and medically unnecessary procedure.

And here is RNC Political Director Rick Wiley.

Re: Obama’s Pennsylvania Problem

The Obama campaign is counting on Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes in their difficult task of cobbling together the 270 needed to hold the White House.

But even Pennsylvania may be out of reach for President Obama come November.

In 2008, the president won the Keystone State with 54.7 percent of the vote to Senator McCain’s 44.3 percent. Today, however, 51 percent of Pennsylvanians say the president “does not deserve to be reelected,” according to a recent Muhlenberg poll. And among Independents in a late March Quinnipiac poll, that number stood at 53 percent.

That message, combined with Obama’s obvious weaknesses among the electorate, make Pennsylvania look more like a red state with each passing day. Soon, Chicago will again be asking Vice President Biden to renounce his long Delaware residency and rediscover those Scranton roots we heard so much about in 2008. After all, Team Obama realized a long time ago the president can’t relate to Pennsylvania voters after the “cling to guns or religion” incident of the last election.

Finally, remember this: if Obama is looking this weak in a state where a Republican has not won since 1988, he might as well throw in the towel in most of the other battleground states.

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  1. Gee, I wonder if the GOP hopes Obama reads what they wrote and throws in the towel? That’s the only way they can win, with a candidate like Romney.

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