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Official Charges Filed Against GOP-Controlled Board of Elections for Illegal Voter Suppression

Official Charges Filed Against GOP-Controlled Board of Elections for Illegal Voter Suppression

“Shameless” Republican plot to suppress Democratic vote rejected absentee ballot requests from quadriplegic, a 91 year old senior, others according to complaint filed against GOP Board
(Bristol, PA) – Official charges have been filed against the GOP-controlled Board of Elections after revelations surfaced that they have been systematically targeting and rejecting Democratic absentee ballot requests. The GOP Board rejected over 600 absentee ballot requests – 82% of which were sent in by Democratic voters. That’s 6 Democratic rejections for every 1 Republican rejected. The clear pattern of voter suppression by GOP operatives led the PA Democratic Party to filed charges and request an extension of time for the processing of absentee ballot applications in order to ensure that every eligible voter has the chance to participate in this Tuesday’s elections.

“While the Democratic Party is working to make sure as many voters are able to participate in next week’s election as possible, Republicans are spending their time trying to disenfranchise voters,” said Mark Nicastre, a spokesman with the Pennsylvania Democratic Party.
Patrick Murphy held a press conference yesterday condemning the voter fraud perpetrated by the Bucks County GOP Board and promising that he would fight to ensure that Bucks County citizens are able to exercise their constitutional right to vote.
“It’s sickening that the Republican-controlled Board of Elections would abuse its power to deny hundreds of American citizens their right to vote. They’ve reported to Florida-style Bush tactics to stop people from voting, rejecting 6 Democratic applications for every 1 Republican application. But these guys messed with the wrong paratrooper and I promise you I am not going to let them get away with it,” Murphy said.
The release sent yesterday by the PA Democratic Party called the suppression effort a shameless attempt by the GOP to deny people their constitutional right to vote.
“The Republican Party Machine that has controlled Doylestown for decades has once again set out to disenfranchise Bucks County Democratic and Independent voters on Election Day,” it read. “What makes their current scheme so egregious is that the Republicans are trying to prevent people, many of whom are ill or bedridden and incapable of going to the polls on Election Day, from legally casting absentee ballots. In one instance, a voter who identified his disability as “quadriplegic” was denied an absentee ballot. Many people are unaware of their right to vote by  absentee ballot. The efforts of PA Victory 2010 have worked to let people know their rights with regard to voting and to facilitate voters exercise of their fundamental constitutional right to vote.”
Highlights of the Challenge:

– While Democrats are working to turn out registered, eligible voters, Republicans are spending their time disenfranchising voters.

– Over 80% of the rejected absentee ballot applications are from Democratic voters. In other words, 6 Democratic requests are rejected for every 1 Republican. 

– In light of the clear pattern of voter suppression being perpetrated by Republican operatives in Bucks County, the PA Democratic Party is requesting an extension for the Board to process absentee requests and ensure that all eligible voters have the opportunity to participate in Tuesday’s election.

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