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Official Statewide Candidate List

updated 5:54 p.m., March 15

With the countdown to 5 p.m. on March 15 getting closer, candidates for statewide office are gathering signatures on nomination petitions to get their names on the ballot on May 17.

There are currently 91 statewide candidates.

Senate (12)

D (5): Kevin Baumlin, John Fetterman, Malcolm Kenyatta, Alexandria Khalil, Conor Lamb

R (7): Jeff Bartos, Kathy Barnette, George Bochetto, Sean Gale, David McCormick, Mehmet Oz, Carla Sands

Governor (11)

D (1): Josh Shapiro

R (10): Lou Barletta, Jake Corman, Joe Gale, Charlie Gerow, Melissa Hart, Doug Mastriano, Bill McSwain, Jason Richey, Dave White, Nche Zama

Lieutenant Governor (12)

D (3): Austin Davis, Brian Sims, Ray Sosa

R (9): John Brown, Jeff Coleman, Teddy Daniels, Carrie Lewis Delrosso, Russ Diamond, Chris Frye, James Jones, Rick Saccone, Clarice Schillinger

Representative in Congress (56)

Democratic (26)

1st: Ashley Ehasz

2nd: Brendan Boyle, Gilberto Gonzalez

3rd: Michael Cogbill, Dwight Evans, Alexandra Hunt, Melvin Johnakin

4th: Madeleine Dean

5th: Louis Lanni Jr., Mary Gay Scanlon

6th: Chrissy Houlahan

7th: Susan Wild

8th: Matt Cartwright

9th: Amanda Waldman

10th: Rick Coplen, Shamaine Daniels

11th: Bob Hollister

12th: Jerry Dickinson, Steve Irwin, Summer Lee, William Parker, Jeffrey Woodard

16th: Dan Pastore, Richard Telesz

17th: Chris Deluzio, Sean Meloy

Republican (30)

1st: Caroline Avery, Alex Entin, Brian Fitzpatrick, Brad Lanning, Dasha Pruett

2nd: Haroon Bashir

4th: Dan Burton Jr., Christian Nascimento

5th: David Galluch

6th: Guy Ciarrocchi, Stephen Fanelli, Regina Mauro, Ron Vogel

7th: Kevin Dellicker, Lisa Scheller

8th: Jim Bognet, Mike Marsicano

9th: Dan Meuser

10th: Scott Perry

11th: Lloyd Smucker

12th: Mike Doyle

13th: John Joyce, Jeffrey Manns

14th: Guy Reschenthaler

15th: George Rathmell, Glenn Thompson Jr.

16th: George “Mike” Kelly Jr.

17th: Kathleen Coder, Jason Killmeyer, Jeremy Shaffer

18 Responses

  1. What became of the esteemed Sam DeMarco? He announced
    His candidacy for Congress in the 17th District, but never filed petitions according to PoliticsPa. What a fraud!

  2. All the Dems are better than all the GOP. Scott Perry should be in jail and barred from Congress as a traitor.

    1. Sounds like you have a little bias there, my friend. Take a breath of fresh air, the weather is nice today.

  3. Democrats seem very happy to nominate 1 career politician for Governor right now, but I don’t think they’re reading the political environment very well. I think Americans are kinda fed up with these pipeline politicians who have never worked an honest day in their lives.

  4. Ding Dong Doug is an Insurrectionist and is likely prohibited by the Constitution from seeking elective office.

    1. Would you care to know that most voters don’t care if we have a dictator or a president, as long as their entertainment isn’t negatively affected, their ability to worship is maintained, and their cost of living/taxes don’t go up?

      These are the thoughts I keep in mind when I door knock, around my precinct, so I know to keep voters interested in keeping the republic.

  5. Hmmm surprised to see the Dem Lt Gov candidate Austin hasn’t submitted his signatures yet. He’s who the party wants next to Shapiro

  6. Still think Gov R nomination is between Lou and Mastriano. Corman is floundering with high priced campaign help. This cycle for sure is a Trumper’s to lose in Gov race. 15 to 20 point lead by Lou and Mastriano over Corman should tell folks a lot about where the R’s are these days.

    1. I door-knocked for Congressman Smucker, myself for committee, and Charlie Gerow for governor. I can say without a doubt that if the race really is between Mastriano and Barletta, Mastriano will win that primary. I haven’t met a single in person Barletta supporter.

      1. Me either. Well, I live in Delaware County, Dave White’s home county. Honestly, this race is up in the air, given the still high number of undecideds in the race. A good indicator of where the race is headed are the debates. There are a few more gubernatorial primary debates left for the Republicans, and you should watch them closely.

        1. Yeah if Charlie dropped (and based on the importance of his endorsements I highly doubt it) White or McSwain would likely be the runner ups for me, there are too many undecided voters for the race to be in anyone’s hands.

          1. McSwain is a solid candidate. Not flashy but he would make a competent Governor.

      2. Lou is very popular in NEPA. The Governor race is very regional right now. Dave White in SEPA, Mastriano in South Central, Lou in NEPA are the 3 frontrunners. McSwain has a broader coalition throughout.

        If Mastriano wins, we lose in November.

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