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“Onorato: Corbett wrong on shale tax opposition”; “Onorato slams Corbett over shale position”; “Onorato touts severance tax, calls Corbett gas industry “Onorato hits Corbett’s shale-tax opposition”; “Onorato touts severance tax, calls Corbett gas industry shill”

Over the past few days Dan Onorato has gone on the attack blasting Tom Corbett for being in the pocket of the gas industry and opposing common sense measures for responsible development of the Marcellus Shale.Please see below for select media coverage.

“Onorato: Corbett wrong on shale tax opposition”: With a stop at Scranton City Hall on Friday, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Dan Onorato continued a push of his statewide message accusing his opponent of aligning with natural gas drillers, not Pennsylvanians over the debate of taxing and regulating the gas industry.  “Tom Corbett wants taxpayers to foot the bill for protecting the environment, while I want the drillers to pay for it.”  [Scranton Times-Tribune]

“Onorato slams Corbett over shale position”: Accusing his opponent of catering to the drilling industry on one of “the biggest issues of the campaign,” Democratic gubernatorial nominee Dan Onorato spoke Friday morning at City Hall about the impact Marcellus Shale drilling could have on the commonwealth – but only if it’s done correctly, he said.  “It is an issue in every single county, even the counties that are not going to have drilling because of the water issue,” Onorato said. Onorato said his opponent, Republican Tom Corbett, “only sees the industry’s side of this issue” and has not put forward a plan to award jobs related to the drilling boom to Pennsylvanians or to protect the environment. “I’m running for governor to represent Pennsylvania’s taxpayers. Tom Corbett is just representing the gas drillers,” Onorato said. [Wilkes-Barre Times Leader]

“Onorato Presses for Oil Industry Shale Tax”: Dan Onorato, the Democratic candidate for governor of Pennsylvania, visited Philadelphia today to receive the endorsement of an environmental group, “Conservation Voters of Pennsylvania.” He also slammed Republican opponent Tom Corbett’s plan regarding the Marcellus shale oil deposits. Onorato supports a “severance” tax on natural gas drilling, noting that his plan would not only create jobs but protect the environment: “To fund DEP [the state’s Department of Environmental Protection], to fund infrastructure from wear and tear, and to fund a ‘Growing Greener’ fund.” [KYW News Radio]

“Onorato hits Corbett’s shale-tax opposition”: Seizing a chance to portray himself as the populist in the governor’s race, Democrat Dan Onorato has been pounding away at GOP rival Tom Corbett in recent days on whether to tax the extraction of natural gas from Pennsylvania’s Marcellus Shale. In contrast to Corbett, Onorato favors creating such a tax and using its revenue exclusively for environmental purposes.  Onorato said Thursday at City Hall that Corbett was in the pocket of the gas industry and would prefer to have taxpayers pick up the tab for environmental damage caused by drilling than to have drillers themselves pay the cost.  [Philadelphia Inquirer]

“Dan Onorato visits Lehigh Valley to discuss Marcellus Shale drilling views”: Dan Onorato, the Democratic candidate for Pennsylvania governor, visited the Lehigh Valley today to share his plans regarding the Marcellus Shale natural gas drilling, which he feels differs significantly from those of his Republican opponent, Tom Corbett. Onorato supports a natural gas severance tax, which he said would fund “wear-and-tear” municipal improvements, green land preservation and the restoration of previous cuts to the Department of Environmental Protection. He also wants to ensure the 80,000 jobs expected to be created by the drilling will mostly go to Pennsylvanians, who he said the state can help ensure receive the necessary training. [The Express-Times]

“Onorato In Easton To Talk About Marcellus Shale”: Dan Onorato was in Easton to speak about Marcellus Shale. It’s an underground shale formation that covers much of Pennsylvania and contains natural gas deposits. Onorato said his opponent favors the gas drilling industry over the rights of Pennsylvanians. “Tom Corbett thinks these drillers should be allowed to police themselves,” said Onorato. “I do not. Tom Corbett thinks the taxpayers should foot the bill to clean up and protect the environment. I think the drillers should pay for it.” [WFMZ]

“Onorato touts severance tax, calls Corbett gas industry shill” This is one tax Dan Onorato doesn’t mind embracing. The Democratic gubernatorial nominee Wednesday touted his support of a natural gas severance tax, which he says is necessary to protect the environment and local towns from a deluge of drilling that has swept across the state’s northern and western regions in recent years. [PoliticsPA]

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