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Oops. FreedomWorks Scrubs Anti-Critz Site

FreedomWorks Pennsylvania removed references on an attack website to Rep. Mark Critz’s (D-Cambria) opposition to Social Security privatization.

The criticism was part of their website and a web video against Critz, who faces a tough challenge in Republican attorney Keith Rothfus.

PoliticsPA reported on the initial attack, which has been edited since Critz’s campaign seized on it.

“Which of these Critz votes hurts Pennsylvania the most?” asked the website from FreedomWorks for America, a conservative super PAC affiliated with the Tea Party. “Opposed privatization of Social Security,” was one of the options – but no more. Seen the side-by-side above.

The population of PA-12 is one of the oldest in the nation, and efforts to touch Social Security are very unpopular here. The initial attack was an unforced error on the part of FreedomWorks, and this attempt to scrub the site compounds it.

Critz’s campaign helpfully saved the original video and a screenshot of the site.

“FreedomWorks may have changed their attack website and video, but they cannot change the fact that Keith Rothfus wants to privatize Social Security and Medicare,” Critz spokesman Mike Mikus said. “Keith Rothfus was caught red-handed last week when FreedomWorks – one the first groups to support him – attacked Mark Critz for opposing privatization of Social Security.”

Rothfus’s campaign still has not responded to a PoliticsPA inquiry on the subject.

4 Responses

  1. “Common Sense” is a Diana Irey Vaughn supporter/hack who’s been grinding an anti-Murtha ax for years ever since Diana got trounced at the polls in 2006. This latest phony Critz attack is loony tunes and merely a carry over from the Diana epic fail. Give it up, ladies – it’s been what 6 years already.

  2. That website is the most far fetched propaganda stretch of the truth I’ve ever seen. Change the URL to “citizen” against Mark Critz. You’ve been pushing this crazy Website since he ran in the special. On top of that, it looks terrible. How many crayons did you go through designing it?

  3. Those MORONs at Freedom Works. Maybe if that imbecile Matt Kibbe, who had his corporate overlords underwrite the phony Tea Party Budget Plan, spent more time on quality control instead of tending to those ridiculous Elvis sideburns this wouldn’t have happened. Idiot(s)!

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