Open Thread of Newspaper Presidential Endorsements

newspapersIt’s that time of the year again. Newspapers around PA are backing presidential candidates. Here’s PoliticsPA’s running list of endorsements in the race for the White House. We’ll update as they come in.

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Harrisburg Patriot-News

This isn’t a normal election year. The two major party candidates who are dueling for the White House are not normal candidates.

And the choice between them is so stark that there is really no choice at all…the editorial board of PennLive/The Patriot-News endorses Hillary Clinton for president.

If Clinton’s lack of transparency is a frustration, then Trump’s utter opacity is an alarm bell. Breaking with decades of tradition, he has refused to release his tax returns.

His is a vision that seeks to restore outdated notions of white privilege instead of celebrating the multi-hued mosaic that is 21st Century America.

Any one item from this bill of particulars would be disqualifying. But taken together they are a complete indictment of Trump, his policies and the philosophy he espouses.

With that in mind, there is only one logical and acceptable alternative – Hillary Clinton.

Our endorsement here, then, is based on an examination of the challenges facing the nation and the candidate best-suited to address them.

That candidate, hands down, is Hillary Clinton.

Sunbury Daily Item

Hillary Clinton is the clear and only viable choice to be our 45th president.

The challenges the next president will face both here and world-wide require a cool head, a thick skin and a steady hand.

Hillary Clinton has those qualities.

Trump’s myriad issues aside, Hillary Clinton’s record of public service and knowledge of the colossal issues the nation will confront in the next four years make her the obvious choice on Nov. 8.

Philadelphia Inquirer:

No eligible voter should ever sit out a presidential election, but that is especially so this year. The landscape of the American political system may be forever changed by the Republican Party’s unapologetic nominee, whose scorched-earth, insult-driven, egomaniacal campaign long ago stopped caring about collateral damage to the party or down-ticket GOP candidates.

But Clinton’s experience as a children’s advocate, first lady, U.S. senator, and secretary of state far outweigh Trump’s credentials to become president.

The erratic behavior Trump has displayed isn’t what one wants to see in a commander-in-chief, and his praise for Russia’s Vladimir Putin is dangerous. Clinton has been careful not to antagonize President Obama’s supporters by criticizing his Middle East policy, but she has hinted at taking a more vigorous approach.

She has exhibited the tough demeanor needed to deal with recalcitrant foreign powers. But she hasn’t lost the compassion for families and children that has long been a guiding force in her life. Despite our reservations, HILLARY CLINTON is far better than Trump or anyone else running. She should be president.

Philadelphia Daily News:


We endorse Hillary Clinton for President of the United States.

What does that say about this election season – or rather, what does this bizarre election say about us? The ascendance of Donald Trump, an uninformed, divisive and smugly ignorant man who is ill-equipped for office, certainly speaks volumes – about a segment of society that has felt dismissed and looks for an easy scapegoat. His supporters applaud Trump’s promise to “turn Washington upside down on day one.” That’s not a call for change; it’s a call for chaos. His claims that the country is weak and broken and his suggestion he won’t accept the results of the election mean that what he promises is anarchy.

This election pits an intelligent, experienced, formidable woman arguing her worth against a spoiled, narcissistic, unqualified man.

In the gender wars, this election is Gettysburg. Donald Trump is the primal scream of a beleaguered army.

Hillary Clinton’s lifelong public service, her willingness to adapt and learn, her steadfastness through many trials and challenges are the key ingredients of great leadership. They make her our enthusiastic choice for president – and for affirming the values of our democracy.

Philadelphia Magazine:

This is the first time the editors of Philadelphia magazine have endorsed a presidential candidate. We’ve weighed in before on mayors, but the White House is out of our coverage area. Not this time, though. Not with the Democratic National Convention coming to town, and not with Donald Trump on the ballot.

In an alternate universe, one in which the Republican Party nominated a candidate even loosely tethered to those old-fashioned American values of equality, decency and soundness of mind, this might be a difficult decision. Clinton’s liabilities are huge, and the objections to her candidacy — from the right and the left — are both numerous and, in too many cases, legitimate.

But she isn’t Donald Trump. And this year, that’s enough.

Do we forsake everything? Have we concluded that the best we can do is burn it all down? Or do we instead elect Hillary Clinton, an admittedly imperfect candidate but one who has the temperament and resilience that the presidency requires?

Welcome to Philly, Hillary. Go get him.

Philadelphia Gay News:

The differences between two major-party candidates for president have perhaps never been as stark as they are in the 2016 election. When it comes to experience, temperament, outlook and adherence to basic norms of civility, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump could not be further from one another. Trump’s pervasive insistence on eschewing human decency may make Clinton the no-brainer choice for a progressive publication, but PGN is endorsing Clinton because of her qualifications, not because of Trump’s lack of them.

Clinton has demonstrated a firm commitment to LGBT equality, through both actions and attitudes.

Clinton is with us. LGBT issues have factored prominently into her campaign messaging. LGBT people are represented throughout all levels of her campaign, including Clinton’s out campaign manager. If elected, she has pledged to work with Congress to pass the Equality Act and ban conversion therapy at the federal level, address violence against transgender people head on and continue to work to eradicate AIDS, among other initiatives.

She is with us. So we are with her.

PGN proudly endorses Hillary Clinton for president of the United States.

Scranton Times-Tribune:

The Times-Tribune editorial board, and those of The Citizens’ Voice in Wilkes-Barre and The Standard-Speaker in Hazleton, endorse Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton. She is qualified by experience, temperament and, especially, preparation, whereas Republican Donald J. Trump falls well below the bar in all of those areas.

One result is that Mrs. Clinton has been politically battle-tested — not just in the context of political campaigns but in actual governance at multiple levels — like few candidates in history. Her adversaries inevitably learn that she is tough, smart and prepared, and that she perseveres, just as adversaries of the United States would come to realize during a Hillary Clinton presidency.

Although Mrs. Clinton has a reputation for being polarizing, that is not her record for her tenure as a two-term senator from New York. In that role, she often worked across the aisle and had good relationships with many Republicans.

On balance, there is no comparison in this race. Hillary Rodham Clinton should become the next president of the United States.

Johnstown Tribune-Democrat:

Hillary Clinton is the best choice to lead the United States forward as president.

Her lifetime of public service – including her years as first lady, a U.S. senator and secretary of state – have prepared the Democratic nominee to handle the many challenges our nation will face in the coming years.

We give Clinton our endorsement over Republican nominee Donald Trump.

York Dispatch:

As the long, surreal presidential campaign mercifully nears its end, it is clearer than ever that voters have only one real choice on Nov. 8.

On the one hand is an intelligent woman who is eminently qualified to lead our country — and on the other is an ignorant buffoon most decent Americans would be ashamed to have in their own homes, much less send to the White House.

We suspect it will take a long time to recover from the deplorable Trump effect on American society and politics.

But a good start would be delivering not just victory for Clinton, but a historic landslide that buries Trump once and for all.

Let your voice be heard on Election Day — and say good riddance loud and clear.

Lancaster Online:

Unlike Trump, Clinton appears to be capable of listening to voices other than her own. She is a hard worker; even Trump had to acknowledge this at the last debate.

If she demonstrates these qualities in the Oval Office, we believe she has the best chance of any of the presidential candidates to defuse the extreme partisanship and deadlock in Washington.

In our view, she is better suited to deal with the issues — poverty, education, the environment, the safety of our water — that directly affect the people of Lancaster County, our children and our grandchildren.

She isn’t likely to make a quip or send a tweet that will spark an international crisis. She understands the threat of terrorism; she backed the Navy SEAL raid that killed Osama bin Laden. In this uncertain world, she represents a safe pair of hands.

Both she and Trump are not only flawed, but unpopular. So the first inclination of our editorial board was to endorse “none of the above.”

But someone is going to be inaugurated Jan. 20. In our view, the best and only choice for president Nov. 8 is Hillary Clinton.

Chester County Times:

While we see Hillary Clinton is a flawed candidate who leaves us with some concerns — okay, a lot of concerns, as just one example, her inability to clearly and quickly own up to her mistakes is deeply troubling — her flaws are a few minor scratches and dents on the surface of a new car as a opposed to the smoking, burning wreckage that is Donald J. Trump.

To be blunt, Trump is a 70-year-old man with the maturity of a spoiled seven year old and arguably, even worse judgment. From his comments on “Mexican rapists” to barring Muslims from our country to repealing the First Amendment, to jailing political opponents, to the odd and concerning entanglement with Russia and its despotic leader, Vladimir Putin, to the latest revelations from the Access Hollywood tape, Trump is, to put it politely, “unhinged.”

Embarrassing. Horrifying. Wretched.

And yes, deplorable.

We are left with a far from ideal option in the election, but it is deeply wrong to suggest that both Clinton and Trump are equally flawed. Clinton, for all of her faults, genuinely seems dedicated to making things better for Americans while Trump is more interested in gratifying his ego at the expense the remaining 330 million people in the country.

If that isn’t a stark difference, we don’t know any other way to put it.

The Times endorses Hillary Clinton for President of the United States.

Meadville Tribune:

Historians may well look back on the Nov. 8 presidential election as a turning point in American history given the consequential domestic and international issues facing the nation.

Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump offer very different resumes and programs to address the issues. Clinton has served as first lady, U.S. senator and secretary of state, building an impressive record of public service and practical political experience. Trump is a real estate tycoon and TV reality personality making his first thrust into electoral politics, promising to shake up Washington and solve the nation’s challenges with his deal-making background.

The Meadville Tribune believes Hillary Clinton’s background, knowledge of government policies and issues, and diplomatic skills make her the better choice.

Sharon Herald:

AFTER MONTHS OF inappropriate statements, crazy late-night tweets, ridiculous and vicious attacks on critics and shocking revelations, it is time to believe what Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has been telling us: He is not fit to be president.

There is only one candidate in this race who we believe fits that description: Democrat Hillary Clinton. She is an experienced politician, skilled diplomat and proven leader who knows how to marshal support across partisan lines to get things done in Washington and on the world stage.

When you weigh the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates, Clinton has the decisive edge because of her background in public service, her knowledge of government policies, her diplomatic experience on the world stage and her record of working across the political aisle for the public good.

Clinton is prepared and qualified to be our next president.

Daily Pennsylvanian:

Students at any institution look up to prominent alumni as models for their futures. We at The Daily Pennsylvanian are concerned about the precedent that Donald Trump sets for our fellow peers and how he chooses to leverage his affiliation to Penn to the rest of the world. His divisive policies are not only orthogonal to those of Penn, but to democracy. Comparatively, Hillary Clinton, time and time again, has embodied pragmatic leadership and service and, more importantly, the desire and capacity to both listen and respond to the needs of a diverse society.

Certainly, we cannot expect all alumni to personify the values of their undergraduate institutions. However, when politicians leverage their academic affiliations as credentials, they come to represent the students of those institutions. Each student, alumni and faculty member is then responsible to critique that representation. While the Wellesley News has endorsed its alumna, Hillary Clinton, The Daily Pennsylvanian Opinion Board cannot stand behind Donald Trump as a candidate.

Pitt News:

Donald Trump’s words are not just “locker room talk,” nor are they irrelevant, off-the-cuff remarks. He is running for President of the United States, and as such, his words have the potential to incite violence and ostracize large swaths of the American public — including almost 51 percent of U.S. citizens who are women.

Come Nov. 8, The Pitt News editorial board will stand with Hillary Clinton. To do anything else would simply be irresponsible.

8 Responses

  1. Newspapers can’t risk endorsing Trump for fear of offending potential advertisers who will claim that they are being politically incorrect. Thus they will withhold advertising dollars from the newspapers who “dare” to endorse Trump. It’s an extortion racket perfected by the Democrat scumbags.

  2. Anyone who actually votes for Donald Trump- a failed businessman and con-artist who won’t even disavow the Klu Klux Klan- cannot be taken seriously anymore.

    Just because you are a registered Republican does not mean you have to vote for every Republican candidate. I disagree with Pat Toomey, but at least he is smart individual who understands policies.

    But Trump? There is simply no excuse to vote against the future of our country.

  3. Donald Trump offers programs ACROSS the BOARD. They are: better schools/school choice; more evenly balanced trade deals so that we are not on the losing side; tax reductions across the board to benefit every level of Americans; border control to assure that the folks who come here register and are eased into our society and welcomed by all citizens; make America more competitive so we can produce jobs here for every level of American, a society that is based on law and order so all communities can be safe; and judges who will respect the rights of all, but through the Constitution. The list can go on. The POINT is that I hear NOTHING about racial division, hatred of foreigners, blah blah blah that the Democratic Statists keep spewing. I care NOTHING about what Trump said to some woman 20 years ago, or the fact that — like all business people — take advantage of tax laws. It’s none of my business what he pays in taxes, and none of yours what I pay.

  4. Yet intelligent, patriotic Americans by the millions will vote for him, and if Hillary can’t get high inner city turnout, she will lose.

  5. The list should be pretty easy. Have ANY serious papers endorsed Trump?

    You’ve got conservative newspapers that haven’t endorsed a Democrat (ever) who have endorsed Hillary. The reason always boils down to: Hillary can do the job and Trump cannot (and Trump represents and existential danger to the country).

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