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Oz, Barletta Show Strength in Trafalgar Poll

Perhaps the two most recognizable names in each race – Mehmet Oz and Lou Barletta – led their respective races in the latest Trafalgar Group poll.

Oz received the most support for the question, “If the 2022 Republican primary for US Senate were held tomorrow, for whom would you vote?”, coming in at 27.4 percent. Dave McCormick was second at 15.9 percent, while Carla Sands also drew double figures at 14.8 percent. Kathy Barnette (8.9) and Jeff Bartos (6.6) also polled above five percent. Sean Gale, George Bochetto and Everett Stern all polled under two percent, while one-in-five (21.6 percent) responded that they are “undecided/wouldn’t vote.”

Barletta garnered the most responses to the question, “If the 2022 Republican primary for Governor were held tomorrow, for whom would you vote?”, receiving 24.1 percent of the responses. Doug Mastriano was next at 19.9 percent, while Jake Corman (5.1), Bill McSwain (4.4) and Scott Martin (4.0) followed. Martin has since bowed out of the race.

“This reflects what we see and shows the success of Lou’s massive grassroots campaign,” said Barletta campaign manager Jeremy Sheftel. “We are working hard to earn every vote.”

It is important to note that only five candidates for governor were listed as choices, excluding Dave White, among others, who has received strong support in GOP regional caucuses. Twenty-nine percent of the respondents stated that they were “undecided/wouldn’t vote”, while another 13.6 percent indicated their preference for “another candidate.”

The Trafalgar Group surveyed 1,070 respondents from Feb. 1-4 who identified as likely 2022 GOP primary voters. The margin of error for the poll was 2.99 percent.

Trafalgar has an A- rating according to the FiveThirtyEight pollster ratings.



4 Responses

  1. It’s important to note that the governors race poll is trash without one of the top contenders. How did the senate race include some guy named Everett Stern and the governor’s race not include Dave White.

    Absolute malfeasance by Trafalgar.

  2. McSwain is such a joke!!! He was a DEMOCRAT his entire life until he saw an opportunity to get ahead. He wouldn’t even commit to voting for President Trump— the guy who hired him — until the media exposed his lack of loyalty.

      1. Excuse me, WHICH Trump policy did you have a problem with? Trump is the leader of the America First movement, the leader of the Republican Party. If you or McSwain are disloyal to Trump, you’re disloyal to the Republican Party which means you are a RINO. Make no mistake, McSwain IS a KNOWN RINO. He couldn’t investigate KNOWN election fraud, so why on earth would ANY Pennsylvanian trust him to be our senator? He is a coward and a RINO. He will NEVER be senator of Pa!

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