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Oz Releases Medical Records

Dr. Mehmet Oz

Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Mehmet Oz released his medical records earlier today.

The celebrity doctor said “In response to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Editorial, I’m releasing my medical records. In the interest of full transparency over my own health, I saw my doctor again to get the most current appraisal of my health status. I agree that voters should have full transparency when it comes to the health status of candidates running for office.”

The Post-Gazette called upon both Oz and Democratic opponent John Fetterman to release their medical records and make their doctors available to the media, ostensibly to reassure the public of Fetterman’s health after his May stroke.

Manhattan physician Rebecca J. Kurth reported in a letter dated September 22 that Oz was in overall excellent health after seeing the candidate for a recent check-up.

Oz does have borderline high cholesterol levels and a body mass index that is just above ideal. The most recent report also indicated that he is vaccinated for COVID and last received a booster in December.

A 2018 visit to Dr. Kurth indicated that he underwent a DXA whole body composition scan that shows percent body fat, lean mass and bone with a high degree of accuracy. The scan is commonly used to diagnose osteoporosis and to assess an individual’s risk for developing osteoporotic fractures.

The scan did indicate a tendency to “put on fat in the trunk, as compared to the limbs.” Kurth wrote that “trunk fat, particularly surrounding internal organs, is associated with a risk of diabetes, heart disease and certain cancers,” noting there is likely a genetic component to the tendency.

Oz also has a family issue of concern, as his mother has Alzheimer’s Disease. He did admit in a 2019 interview that he carries the Alzheimer’s gene as well.

“That was shocking,” he said. “I guess you don’t expect it. But from my perspective, my mom gave me a great set of cards to play life with and she taught me how to play those cards. But she gave me one bad card and I can’t throw that card away, I’m stuck with it.”

5 Responses

  1. I’m still waiting to see Trumps tax returns. Does the good Doc from New Jersey have any updates on that?

  2. Allow me to correct “your prostrate exam was normal except for some orange haired fatty growth we found up in there”.

  3. Do Dr Oz’s medical records show any of the “herbal supplements” or other fake medicines/cures that he’s peddled to an unsuspecting public?

  4. Big mistake to play the healthcare game. Many people are overweight and diabetic or have heart disease and a skinny guy with
    100 million who has a NY doctor say he’s peaches is unhelpful. Fetterman is not running for President. Oz has a shaky background with the medical cures and that is political gold. Shapiro is now pulling away and R’s are talking of polls being wrong, I agree. Some polls are limiting amount of young voters which limits impact of abortion which will be a factor.


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