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PA-01: Internal Poll Shows Fitzpatrick With Commanding Lead

Brian Fitzpatrick | Ashley Ehasz

In an internal poll on behalf of the National Republican Congressional Committee and the Fitzpatrick for Congress campaign, incumbent Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick (R-Bucks) has a 20-point advantage over Democratic challenger Ashley Ehasz.

The telephone poll, conducted by Public Opinion Strategies, was held between September 5-8 with 400 registered voters in the 1st Congressional District. The margin of error is +/- 4.0 points.

Fitzpatrick, the former FBI special agent and federal prosecutor, has a 2-to-1 lead among independents in the poll and holds Ehasz to under 70 percent among Democrats.

In terms of favorability. Fitzpatrick is viewed positively by 53 percent of respondents, opposed to 34 percent that take the opposite view for a plus-19 margin. Ehasz, the U.S. Army veteran and former Apache helicopter pilot, has 6% positive and 3% negative with 76 percent stating that they had no opinion.

Fitzpatrick defeated Christina Finello, 57-43, in 2020 for his third term in Washington.


note: corrected to indicate Fitzpatrick’s third term in Washington.

10 Responses

  1. Fitzpatrick by 15.
    The horrendous gubernatorial candidate Mastriano drags Fitzpatrick down 5 points

  2. Ehasz is simply not working hard enough. My Dem rep is ALL OVER her district, and will cruise. Ehasz gets zero press, and seems to be okay with that. So far, she’s an incompetent candidate in a very winnable district.

    1. She’s got $150k in the bank. She has a decent social media presence, but doesn’t have the funding to increase her name recognition. I agree that PA-01 is a winable district, but if the DCCC and national Dems don’t provide money and support, there’s no chance for her, no matter how hard the works.

  3. Fitzpatrick is terrible. only reaches out to constituents during the election cycle with his telecon town halls.

  4. The 2020 race was Fitz’s third run for the office. He bested Scott Wallace in 2018 for his second run.

  5. Fitzpatrick is paying a pro-Republican internal polling firm appropriately named “POS”, lol

    Here is the key takeaway from the Public Opinion Strategies website link provided above in the story:

    “(Public Opinion Strategies) polled for seven new Members of Congress, helped flip at least four seats to the GOP, and our firm now polls for approximately one-quarter of the House GOP caucus.”

    PA01 voters should take Fitzpatrick’s POS push-poll with a large dose of salt and eye-rolling, after they stop laughing.

  6. Before I write off Ehasz I would like to see an independent poll. Women are very angry over the Dobbs ruling, and I doubt an anti-choice GOPer representing a swing district has a 20 point lead.

    1. The race will tighten. I’m not predicting a Fitzcraptic loss, but 20 points is not achievable in this district unless one candidate is under criminal investigation or in the hospital.

      1. She won’t lose by 20 points, but this is will be a double digit loss, similar to what Finello had to endure.

    2. What woman? You mean birthing persons? Or are women women again when you need them to actually be women


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