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PA-07: Wild v. Scheller Ad Watch

PA-07 Candidates

Today, Ad Watch takes a look at the 7th Congressional District race between Democrat Susan Wild and Republican Lisa Scheller.

The pair meet again in a rematch of their 2020 election that saw Wild earn her second term in Washington, 52-48%.

PA-7 includes part of Monroe County and all of Carbon, Lehigh and Northampton Counties.


Susan Wild – “Tradition” (0:30)

“I’m part of a proud tradition for our community of being moderate and bipartisan.”


Lisa Scheller – “False Attacks” (0:30)

“Susan Wild and her special interest friends have been caught lying in their false attack ads. I’m a businesswoman, not a politician. I’m proud of the jobs I’ve created in Pennsylvania.”


Susan Wild – “Scheller Salary” (0:15)

“When COVID hit, Lisa Scheller said the first thing she did was I took my salary to zero.”


Lisa Scheller – “Lisa Scheller Is With Us” (0:30)

“Lisa Scheller will fight Biden and Pelosi’s inflation. Bring down costs for Pennsylvania families and get our economy working.”


Climate Power Action – “Tomorrow” (0:15)

“Thankfully congressman Susan Wild just did something about it, passing the most meaningful climate change bill we’ve ever seen.”


House Majority PAC (0:06)

“Lisa Scheller would pave the way for a total abortion ban with no exceptions in Pennsylvania.”


House Majority PAC (0:15)

“These days, nobody’s safe from politicians like Lisa Scheller.”


Term Limits Action – “Rep. Susan Wild Refuses To Sign The Term Limits on Congress Pledge” (0:15)

“Diapers and politicians must be changed often. And for the same reason.”


Note: updated to include Wild’s “Tradition” ad that was released 30 minutes after original post.

2 Responses

  1. I am a senior citizen and on social security and also I am a Democrat. I have seen several times that Gov. Wolf wants to send $2,000 stimulus money to families that earns less than $80,000. What I want to know, does that include seniors. We seniors live on way less than a family does and we pay the same prices for gas, food, prescriptions, etc. I know that I live month to month on my social security and it is not easy. My doctor had ordered 2 new prescriptions for me and one was for anxiety but I could not get them because the pharmacy at Walmart wanted to charge me $151.00. We seniors could use the help, we seem to be forgotten. Hope you can help to pass this because the Republicans won’t. Thanks for reading my email. Hope to hear from you on this.

    1. Like Ms Kave, my wife & I are senior citizens & life long Democrats. We cannot understand why anyone not having millions would vote for Republicans. They sound great but then vote for huge tax cuts for the wealthy and then say that they are great because they cut taxes. Wake up, folks. Vote Democratic. It will help us Seniors.

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