PA-1: Brady Confesses to Pope, Francis Forgives

Bob-Brady1With his plane sitting on the tarmac, Pope Francis went through a final round of handshakes with the crowd of officials.

Among them was Congressman Brady, whose glass swiping made international news over the weekend.

According to Regina Medina of the Daily News, Brady decided he had to get the forgiveness of the Pontiff before he left for the Vatican.

“I’m a member of Congress and when you spoke at the Capitol, I don’t know if you heard or not, but I’m the one who took your glass of water,” the Congressman told Francis.

“Yes, we heard about that,” the Pope’s interpreter responded as the man himself smiled and affirmed “Yeah, yeah.”

Rep. Brady went on to explain that he used the water to bless his grandkids and sick friends.

“Bueno, bueno” the Pope said. “Good, give it to the people who are sick and the babies.”

In an effort to even the score, the Congressman brought Pope Francis a flag that had flown over the Capitol.

“Good swap, good swap, I like that swap. Gracias,” the Pontiff said and all was forgiven.

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