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PA-1: Brady Reportedly Mulling Retirement

Bob-Brady1Can you imagine Philadelphia politics without Bob Brady?

Well according to Ryan Briggs of City & State, the long-time Congressman and party elder may be planning his exit.

Briggs reports that Rep. Brady is looking into stepping down from the Democratic City Committee, as well as the PA-1 congressional seat, in the next few years.

Former Philadelphia City Controller Jonathan Saidel is widely seen as the heir apparent to Brady with several sources informing Briggs that a transition is being planned. Despite that, though, the Congressman flatly denied anything of the sort.

“Jon Saidel has been coming with me to party meetings for 30 years,” he told Briggs. “The last time I checked, I’m not going anywhere. I never talked to anybody about stepping down as the chairman. I don’t know, maybe Saidel is promoting this shit.”

“Do you know what you’re going to do in four years?” Brady continued. “The last time I looked, I’m running for re-election and I’m not giving up my seat…Saidel can’t do anything unless I step down.”

Saidel, on the other hand, seemed unsure how to respond.

“I can’t confirm or deny anything at this time,” he stated. “I’m honored by all this rumor stuff, but they’re just rumors. It’s probably one of the greatest honors of my life to even be talked about for something like that.”

The 1st Congressional District represents South Philadelphia and Southeast Delaware County.

9 Responses

  1. This article is ridiculous. Brady says it’s not true yet they print it anyway. And most importantly fail to mention that if the Chairman steps down, the ward leaders pick his replacement and Saidel isn’t a ward leader and wouldn’t be in the running. Let I checked we did away with hereditary titles in 1781 and the job can’t be handed to anyone

  2. it’s to late is to retire this year but maybe in a few years and I will support a Democrat is to be Bob Brady’s Successor to congress because it is a Democratic District, and make sure of that’s the right person is for me is to support in that race in the feature.

  3. However I can see him retiring as Democratic Party chair if the FBI is gonna make new case law suggesting that Ward Leaders can’t “help” committee people. The whole machine will have to be charged no?

  4. Brady’s NOT mulling retirement. This is Johnny Doc spreading rumors again. And the Chairman and Brady haven’t been close since he threw Dougherty out of the Democratic party in 2008. Learn your philly politics.

  5. Gee…. Johnny Doc gets raided by FBI. FBI looking into Seth Williams.

    .. and the guy who hands out the “walking around money” to ward leaders is “mulling retirement”.


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