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PA-1 Internal Poll: Reddick 27 Wallace 20 Bacher 7

According to an internal poll shared by a source close to the campaign Rachel Reddick is leading Scott Wallace and Steve Bacher in the Democratic primary for the new 1st Congressional district.  

In the poll, conducted by GBA Strategies on behalf for the Reddick campaign, Reddick leads Wallace by seven points and Bacher by 20 points.  The poll shows that almost half, 47%, are undecided in the race.

When voters are told about the candidates, Reddick’s lead moves to  46-35 percent.

The new 1st district contains Bucks county, and part of Montgomery county.  

Internal poll results should always be taken with a grain of salt, as they often ask a large number of questions, and only publish the results that reflect best on their campaign.

The poll was interviewed 400 likely Democratic primary voters using phone and cellphone interviews, with a 4.9 margin of error.  

PA-1 Poll by Paul Engelkemier on Scribd

16 Responses

  1. Initially I was not sure which democratic candidate I was going to support. I listened to all three candidates speak several times and I was most impressed with Rachel Reddick. Each of the three candidates espouses good democratic values. However, I believe Rachel Reddick has the best chance of beating The Republican incumbent, Brian Fitzpatrick. Rachel Reddick is an intelligent, hard working, and will be a breath of fresh air in Congress. She is the only democratic candidates in this race that is a veteran. Both in civilian life and as a JAG lawyer in the Navy, Rachel Reddick helped victims of Domestic violence and sexual assault.

  2. Rachel Reddick is a breath of fresh air , more than qualified and I support her 100 % – this is after listening to all the candidates – watching the actions of ALL the candidates and talking one on one about WHY they are running. We need someone who can replace Fitzpatrick in November and I am confident THAT person is Rachel.

  3. Having listened to all three candidates and gathered as much information as I could, Rachel Reddick is the clear choice. She has energy, charisma, leadership skills (Naval Officer) and a passion for what is right. I am a life-long Democrat and welcome her experience coming from a Republican family and background. For those reasons I have decided to support her.

  4. Diane always picks the losers. Here she is again, backing a personal friend who can just walk into the district after 40 years, give $25,000 to BCDC and then be the party’s candidate. BCDC and Diane are tone deaf. This is why the Dems always struggle in this congressional district. They let people pay them off to run, then the voters reject their hand-picked, bought off candidate in the end.

    Scott Wallace will lose to Fitzpatrick, Reddick beats him. It’s a shame everyone’s favorite commissioner (just kidding) Diane one again gets it wrong.

    1. She doesn’t have a good track record. That’s for sure. Just crazy that the committee would support someone who hasn’t lived in the district (or PA) for 40 years. However, as this poll shows, the voters are hungry for change and won’t be told how to think.

  5. Too Bad Scott Wallace bought off Commissioner Diane Marseglia and the rest of the Bucks County Dems. The fix is already in. Disgraceful! Rachel is the change this party needs. I’m disappointed Diane can’t see that.

      1. You’d think Scott’s campaign manager would have better things to do than troll Rachel on PA politics. Guess Scott’s scared as it looks like the more voters learn about him, the less they like him. Also Eric, could you find a more hypocritical attack? Scott literally hasn’t lived in the district for 40 years. That is the definition of political opportunism. Maybe he should run in Maryland or South Africa where he actually has been living?

        1. Rachel grew up in a conservative family. She later became a Democrat. She even worked for a Democrat in Congress while in the Navy. Scott’s campaign is scared to death of her, so has been spreading lies about how she is a Republican plant, which is rich coming from them seeing as Scott says in his public resume that he only worked for Republicans in Congress, including the pro segregationist Strom Thurmande, and his chair Dianne used to be a Republican as well. my personal view is that being a former Republican is a strength as Rachel will be able to connect with all voters here, not just the most progressive ones. This coming from a lifelong Dem.

      2. Eric, this is a bit shameful. Perhaps saying something positive about your own candidate would be a more wise approach?

      3. A democrat with centrist/conservative values is just what the doctor ordered! As an example, see Connor Lamb story

    1. Baseless accusations like yours are irresponsible and reckless. Linda F. Is a paid operative for Riddick. Sound about right.

      1. Wallace sent a $25,000 check to Bucks Dem party (from his Maryland Address) and all of a sudden Diane is his best friend!!

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