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PA-10: Anti-Trump Candidate Newman Set to Challenge Perry

John Henry Newman

In addition to seeing seven Democrats lining up in a primary to challenge him in November, Rep. Scott Perry (R-10) now finds himself with a Republican primary opponent of his own.

John Henry Newman, a former professor, scientist and entrepreneur from Carlisle, has filed a statement of candidacy to challenge the former Freedom Caucus chair in the 10th Congressional District in central Pennsylvania.

“Quite simply, the behavior of our present representative, Scott Perry, offends me,” Newman’s campaign website states. “Most upsetting were his actions after the 2020 election. He tried to erase the votes of his own constituents in the 10th Congressional District and invalidate the choice of all the voters in Pennsylvania. He continues to make inaccurate and misleading statements. And, for the past two years, he has been leading an extremist faction in the US House of Representatives. Misleading us is not leadership.”

A 1978 graduate of Allegheny College, Newman earned masters and doctoral degrees from Penn State and also served as a volunteer fencing coach for the Nittany Lions for seven seasons.

He has been a a teacher, administrator, and scientist at two colleges in Pennsylvania (Kutztown, Franklin & Marshall) and universities around the nation, including Southern California, Northwestern, and MIT.

“I most want to bring, what one person can, to restoring civility and cooperation in the House of Representatives,” his website reads. “Compromise is not a dirty word. Give a little, get a little! All parties start with principled values – the other side too – dogma gets us nowhere. With small agreements on mutual interests, we move closer toward our goals. Small steps, not giant leaps! Fake facts, misinformation, cherry-picking data, and absolutist thinking are the death of democracy. I will “call out” hypocrisy and honestly work with any reasonable person.”

Newman’s more traditional Republican stances include Second Amendment rights can be balanced with public safety; Russian aggression is an existential threat to Western civilization; the U.S. government must not shut down; and that budgets are needed, not continuing resolutions.

The 68-year-old described himself to PennLive as an “Eisenhower Republican” who hopes to attract the support of other GOP voters dissatisfied with Perry and his support for former President Donald Trump.

“I know there are a great many Republicans in the area that are uncomfortable and feel that the leadership of the party in the area has left them,” Newman said.

“We were Republicans for a long time,” he said, “and over the years the party has moved away from us, and we think it’s time to reclaim the party.”

Perry defeated Democrat Shamaine Daniels in the 2022 general election, 54-46, but PA-10 supported Gov. Josh Shapiro over Republican Doug Mastriano for governor in the same cycle, 55-43.

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  1. Look at who donates to Scott Perry. It’s pretty much nobody from his district. It’s all outside money. Guy cares about himself more than his district… And maybe avoiding prison.

    1. Congratulations on stepping up! The extremists have taken over our party. I am disgusted with Perry’s anti-American behavior. As a veteran I never looked at myself as a “sucker and loser” but as a patriotic American.

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