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PA-10: Can Daniels Make a Run at Perry?

Scott Perry / Shamaine Daniels

At face value, it would not appear that the race in PA-10 between Republican incumbent Scott Perry and Democratic challenger Shamaine Daniels would be close.

Perry, who first won the seat back in 2012, is the chair of the House’s Freedom Caucus and won his 2020 challenge by Eugene DiPasquale by six points.

Daniels, a three-term Harrisburg city councilwoman, is a Venezuelan immigrant who earned a law degree and is making her first appearance on the main stage.

Predictive models have all favored Perry in a big way. Perry has $920,213.30 in the bank entering the second half of the year, while Daniels has $55,983.17 cash on hand. So why focus on this race?

“Someone like Scott Perry shouldn’t be allowed to be our representative, because he’s betrayed his oath of office,” says Daniels.

Perry has been among the most prominent congressmen involved in challenging the results of the 2020 election and has drawn the attention of the January 6th Special Committee.

How will the electorate in Cumberland, Dauphin and York Counties respond to the news of the day?

We asked both candidates their views on four topics.

Do You Believe That Joe Biden Was Legitimately Elected President?

Perry: “Joe Biden is the President and I attended his inauguration. My concerns then and now were over election integrity, which stem from the thousands of constituents who contacted me over the way Governor Wolf and our Commonwealth conducted the election, and their belief that their votes may not have counted. They have every right to voice those concerns, and expect me as their elected representative to voice them on their behalf, which I did and continue to do. I’ll always be an unrelenting advocate for their voices, and remain committed to ensuring that every legal vote counts and every illegal one does not.”

Daniels: “Yes.”


Your Thoughts On Roe v. Wade Being Overturned and the Future for Abortion Rights in This Country?

Perry: “The issue of abortion has returned to its constitutionally rightful place — back in the hands the states to decide as their Citizens find appropriate. I remain a stalwart advocate fighting for the rights of the unborn, and for the sanctity of human life.”

Daniels: “This is a devastating decision. This decision takes away a constitutional right that we’ve had for decades, leaving countless people nationwide at risk of harm. Abortion is still legal in Pennsylvania — but we have to take steps to ensure that it remains safe, legal, and accessible. In the immediate future, I support abolishing the filibuster and codifying our reproductive rights at the federal level, and electing Josh Shapiro as our next governor in November, to protect our reproductive rights at the state level. In the long term, we need to advance an affirmative reproductive justice agenda that centers our health.”


What Are Your Thoughts On Preventing Gun Violence In This Country?

Perry: “We need to address violence in America – of all kinds. We need a serious, bipartisan effort that’s not focused on political agendas. We need to get serious about mental health, enforce existing laws, and dismiss the radical Left’s obsession with defunding police and disarming law-abiding Americans. We don’t make our Nation stronger by making law-abiding Citizens weaker. I’ll continue to be a relentless defender of our Second Amendment Rights.”

Daniels: “I believe in responsible gun ownership. I also support common-sense gun legislation to help protect our communities and the law enforcement officers who serve them — including background checks, closing the “boyfriend loophole,” implementing extreme risk protection orders, preventing “ghost guns,” and funding research into gun violence. My city of Harrisburg experiences gun violence regularly despite not having one gun dealer within its borders. The pervasiveness of guns in our country makes domestic violence disturbances some of the most dangerous encounters for our law enforcement personnel. Gun violence plagues everyone and we need to start to address it.”


Biggest Problem Facing Pennsylvania? Facing The Country?

Perry: “Everywhere I go, the top – often only – issue I hear is the grave concern of surviving Bidenflation. The four-decade high cost of living is a pain felt each and every day by hardworking people as they try to afford gas and groceries, and struggle to make ends meet – at best.

I’ve fought tooth and nail to thwart the agenda of the radical Left. Every day, I work to reverse the reckless, out-of-control spending that’s stoking inflation and dangerously returning our Country to energy dependence on nations who hate America and our way of life. It never had to happen, and we must reject any candidates who would continue these destructive policies.

We won’t be able to reverse overnight the damage inflicted by the radical Left, but I’ll continue to fight tirelessly for our hardworking Citizens and job creators.”

Daniels: “In the immediate term, getting prices under control and providing support for working-class people and families. In the medium and long term, taking all necessary measures to protect and strengthen American democracy and institutions so that we can prevent future January 6ths and stop the drift toward authoritarianism.”

14 Responses

  1. Though one of Trump’s seditious co-conspirators, Perry likely will be re-elected by @ 10 points.

  2. Daniels should spread the cachapas with queso Guayaneso throughout PA and win in a landslide.

  3. I was interested to see that Rep Perry said that “everywhere I go…” when answering the question about his top issue. My observation is that he only goes to events that support him. Perhaps if he talked to people who don’t totally agree with him, he would get a more balanced view of the issues important to his constituents (I am one). Perhaps that is not his goal. I agree with the comments that his participation and support of the Jan 6 insurrection makes him ineligible for public office. He will not have my vote.

    1. No environmental questions, WHY? We could save billons and our fresh water supplies and our fresh water echo systems just by not spreading road salt, make it a plows only state. Out west fresh water is going to be very hard to find in the future. So what do we do in PA? We dump 980,000 tons of sodium chloride into our water supplies every year and turn into salt waterWhat about the 1.3 billon gallons of raw sewage coming from Harrisburg flowing into the river every year. Ask both of them if produced water coming from the natural gas industry is radioactive? I’m not sure if either of these people understand how important our fresh water supplies will be in the future. What good is a job or money when you have destroyed your fresh water supplies?

  4. I live in the District, I don’t always agree with Scott Perry, but I have rarely seen an elected official that works as hard as Scott. He voiced his opinion, according to law on the floor of the House in the early hours of Jan. 7th according to law, as others have done over the years. I disagree with what he had to say (Biden won, I will never vote for Trump again), but I respect his right to say it. I think Scott Perry is a good Congressman. Ms. Daniels is a nice enough person, but has much to learn about government and politics. Unfortunately she is being used by the political left to advance the progressive agenda, which is far out of sync with the conservative 10th Congressional District.

    1. What is ‘the progressive agenda, which is far out of sync with the conservative 10th Congressional District’?

  5. Perry’s answers are dodgy and reflecting a political zealot. I’m not sure what the polling number are but Daniels seems a long shot that could come in. The question remains are Trump supporters impacted by the January 6th committee? It appears overall that there is some lessening of support but not a lot. Again, Daniel is a long shot but they do come in.

    1. Scott Perry was deeply involved in a plan to overturn our election, because he didn’t like the outcome. Is that the definition of a ‘fine American Patriot’? Scott Perry is a traitor to democracy

    2. Scott Perry is anything but a patriot. He is a coward, an unapologetic Trump loyalist and arguably one of the most ineffective and shallow members of Congress that we have. He’s an absolute embarrassment to this district.

  6. Perry should be in jail for defying the Jan 6 subpoena as well as supporting the insurrection. A number of current members of congress should be there as well. Pains me to say that as a republican. I volunteered for the polls for a number of years and his arguments questioning the integrity of the system are crap. That aside, he will win re-election because his district will not support a democrat.

  7. Questions and answers aside, Perry was an active participant with Trump attempting to overthrow the results of the 2020 election. Perry attended meetings with Trump at the White House. The Founding Fathers created 3 distinct branches of government and each was supposed to keep an eye on the other NOT to collude with each other to supersede the power of the other OR the wishes of the voters/citizens.

    If Perry was a real leader, he would have STOPPED TRUMP DEAD IN HIS TRACKS. Voters in the district need to throw Perry out of office in November and let Daniels serve. They can vote her out in 2 years and put in a real leader. But Perry isn’t worthy of another term for 1 clear reason – HE FAILED TO HONOR HIS OATH OF OFFICE and VIOLATED THE CONSTITUTION BY PARTICIPATING IN AN INSURRECTION EVENT.


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