PA-10: Independent Troiano Releases Campaign Web Ad (VIDEO)

It’s quite an eventful week for congressional hopeful Nick Troiano.

Troiano released his first campaign video “America Deserves Better”, announced the opening of his Pike County Office in Milford, Pa this weekend, and turned 25 years old today. Twenty-five is the Constitutionally-mandated minimum age for members of the House of Representatives, and the candidate believes that the millennial generation will be the key to overcoming partisan gridlock in Washington.

The video features supporters from both sides of the aisle, namely Republican small business owner Katrina Foster and Democrat Steve Guccini.

Troiano defended his decision to run as an independent candidate. “After witnessing the government shutdown, I realized both political parties were failing the country,” he stated.

A Washington Post article quoted Troiano, “I think our two-party system works well when they work together. And they’re not right now and it’s going to require a shock to the system, which I think millennials are going to deliver.”

Explaining that his family instilled the values of honesty, hard work, and doing right by one’s community, Troiano asserts that as a candidate hailing from the Millennial generation, he can ensure that future generations are better off than the current one. His supporters say his age is a positive, and that he will bring fresh ideas to work toward a bright future for America’s younger population.

Troiano emphasized his wish to, “stand up to the entrenched interests in Washington,” and affirmed that like his grandfather and other mentors, he views “politics as public service.”

His campaign platform includes an emphasis on fiscal responsibility, namely restraining spending, raising revenue, and reinvesting in the economy while also working toward economic mobility through incentivizing employment and improving social capital through education. Troiano also favors campaign finance reform and the strengthening of energy security.

Troiano stated in “America Deserves Better” that 76% of voters are open to supporting an independent candidate, however his lack of name recognition may hinder his ability to gain ballot access in November.

Running an entirely citizen-funded campaign, Troiano will not be accepting contributions from any PAC, corporation, or union. In order to be placed on the ballot and challenge GOP incumbent Tom Marino in PA-10, Troiano must obtain signatures which amount to 2% of votes that the leading vote-getter obtained in the previous election for his seat.

Troiano hopes his youth and personality can be an asset in this endeavor. The deadline to file nomination papers is August 1.

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  1. There is another Millennial Candidate Former US Marine David Gibbon who is Running in the PA State House in Bucks County.

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