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PA-10: Marino Calls for Special Prosecutor to Investigate Clinton

Tom-MarinoAs Yogi Berra said, it’s deja vu all over again.

Republicans, led by presidential nominee Donald Trump, are now calling on a special prosecutor to investigate the Clinton Foundation.

During the 1990’s of course, the special prosecutor inquiry into Whitewater eventually resulted into the Lewinsky scandal.

Congressman Tom Marino, an early supporter and close ally of Trump, is also joining the call.

“Donald Trump is right — we need a Special Prosecutor to investigate the corrupt Clinton Foundation,” Rep. Marino said.

“The blatant pay-to-play relationship between foundation donors and the State Department can no longer be handled by the politically motivated Justice Department while Hillary Clinton runs for a third Obama term.”

17 Responses

  1. Rep. Tom Marino, why spend taxpayer fund on another “special prosecutor” investigation when you and Mr. Trump have made absolute declarations that “the corrupt Clinton Foundation” has “blatant pay-to-play relationships between foundation donors and the State Department”.

    Just share your irrefutable evidence with the Justice Department (and the public) and go to court.

    Endless political bullshit influences only intellectually lazy voters. Manufactured political nonsense, out-of-context spin or hiding tax returns will not “win the day”. Just remember, voters know you and all other congressmen are the pawns of special interests.

    For many, your personal integrity specifically, and Congressional integrity generally, scores below that of the proverbial used car salesman. (Sorry car salesmen).

  2. Court watcher, are you aware that a very small fraction of the Clinton Foundation’s money actually goes to sick or poor people?

  3. If we are going to investigate foundations, let’s investigate all of them. Start with the Koch Brothers and all their far right wing friends who have brought us Congressvarmints like Marino. How dare the Clintons work to help sick people!

  4. Trump calling for a special prosecutor is like the Manager of the local McDonalds doing so. He is a nothing. He has never held a job in public service. And he is a can-man. No one in law enforcement takes him seriously …. except as a threat to our already great Country.

  5. At the last non-profit I worked for, I visited Rep. Marino with a board member who was also a prominent Republican constituent and contributor to him. It was just the 3 of us in his capitol hill office. We also visited Fitzpatrick and Rothfus that day, who both came across as quite normal. Marino was foaming at the mouth bat shit crazy spouting wild conspiracy theories about Republicans who wanted to primary him. I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him.

  6. And here we go again. The legislative branch, in the mind of our Founding Fathers, was to write legislation and laws, pass budgets – not have constant investigations, spending millions in the process, on ongoing investigations to undermine the person who was is the legitimate President. The a-holes, following the lead of Limbaugh, Hannity, Alex Jones…. the list goes on, are tearing apart our great country and fanning the flames of radicals.

  7. GOP: The sky is falling. Blame ACA (Obamacare). Not to remember we (GOP and Blue Dog Dems) designed it to fail. If no insurance companies want to participate, that’s fine. Just put in Medicare For All, a public option.

  8. Marino’s district includes Bradford County, Juniata County, Lycoming County, Mifflin County, Pike County, Snyder County, Sullivan County, Susquehanna County, Union County, Wayne County, and portions of Perry County, Tioga County, Lackawanna County, Monroe County, and Northumberland County.

  9. Peggy, “health insurance for everyone”? Did you miss the news that Obamacare is dying? Everyone knows it doesn’t work without enforcing the individual mandate — that is, penalizing young working-class Democrats with a fine for not having insurance. Obama (without any congressional authority) kept extending the date for the individual mandate to take effect because that would be horrible for Democrats in an election season. So, without it, the system doesn’t work, it’s too expensive, and major insurance companies are backing out.

    But keep on believing that Benevolent Barry has saved the day. And keep spouting your racist and sexist comments. Nothing like the “party of diversity and tolerance” to provide reliably racist comments toward white men.

  10. What’s the matter with a third President Obama term? Stock Market tripled, more jobs, health insurance for everyone. I can tell what the problem – The President is not like us and is not a member of the “Good Old Fat White Boys Club”. I would most definitely vote for the President for a third term. He is smart, articulate and he CARES about the American people. Marino wants Special Prosecutor to investigate Senator Clinton and I want a special Prosecutor investigating Marino and the rest of his band do nothing Congress people.

  11. “The blatant pay-to-play relationship between foundation donors and the State Department can no longer be handled by the politically motivated Justice Department while Hillary Clinton runs for a third Obama term.”

    How many talking points can you fit in a single sentence?

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