PA-10: Marino Says He’ll Work For Trump

trumpCongressman Tom Marino is set to meet with The Donald.

Yesterday, Rep. Marino made an appearance on Newsmax TV’s “Dennis Michael Lynch: Unfiltered” and talked about his relationship with the man he endorsed for President.

The Congressman apparently believes he will soon become part of Trump’s inner circle in the Northeast and said that he’s come to the conclusion that it’s time the GOP front-runner act more presidential.

“I told them I would love to do that, I’ll work for them, but I’m going to give them my opinion, I’m going to tell them what I’m hearing from my constituents,” Rep. Marino said. “I’m going to say this to Mr. Trump: You have won the face-to-face debates. You can slice and dice, you’re the human Vegematic when it comes to shutting people down. But now, show them your presidential side.”

“He’s got to stand up now, and I’m going to be meeting with him shortly again the next week, and I’m going to convey that to him,” the Congressman asserted.

Marino added that his constituents in the 10th Congressional District are wild about Trump.

“I’ve never seen voters so excited,” he said. “I don’t hear anything in my district or across the state other than Trump.”

7 Responses

  1. Watched him on ‘State of the Union’ this morning make excuses for Trump’s remarks condoning and promoting violence. Fellow Republican Ana Navarro called him out on it and totally owned him.

  2. Trump is a hateful, narcissistic racist who is the biggest threat I have ever seen to the freedoms we cherish. You are a fool, Mr. Marino.

  3. Tom Marino wins the prize for being the worst member of the Pennsylvania Congressional delegation.

  4. Marino should act more congressional and not endorse someone that unfit for office. Shows the low level of intelligence he and the people he represents has.

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