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PA-10: Troiano Personally Surprises Marino in New Web Ad (VIDEO)

Nick Troiano, the twenty-five year old Independent candidate in the 10th Congressional District, released a new web ad today.

In the video, Troiano follows Rep. Tom Marino around, asking him why he does not want to agree to more than one public debate. Troiano has asked Marino to appear in three debates, a request the Congressman denied.

The sticking point, according to Troiano, is that Marino appeared in nine debates when he first ran for the congressional district seat in 2010, and none in 2012.

“Congressman Marino did not accept my invitation to three debates citing the demands of his Congressional schedule, yet Congress decided to take another vacation until after the election,” Troiano said. “Although Congressman Marino is campaigning on his ‘toughness,’ he seems terribly afraid to defend his votes and views in public.”

Troiano follows Marino for a short time, and after a police officer separates the two Troiano asks “What are you afraid of, Congressman?”

Troiano is asking his supporters to sign a petition demanding for more public debates. As of press time, over 350 people have signed it.

The only debate between the two candidates is currently scheduled for October 28th, but the Troiano campaign claims that it is not accessible to the entire district.

This is not the first time Troiano has taken a different route in his campaign. Last week, Troiano released one of the more lighter and off-beat ads of the election season.


This morning, the Troiano campaign also released a poll that shows them third in the race. Marino received 38% while Democratic nominee Scott Brion got 26% and Troiano 16%.

The campaign pointed out, though, that Troiano did better in a head-to-head matchup against Rep. Marino than Brion. According to the survey, Marino leads Brion 48%-34%, but only leads Troiano 38%-33%.

As a result, Troiano is now calling on Brion to drop out of the race.

“I admire Scott Brion for stepping forward as a candidate and respect him as a person, but if his true goal is to defeat Congressman Marino this year, then the most effective thing he can do right now is withdraw from the race,” said Troiano. “Although the date to remove his name from the ballot has passed, he can still personally influence a vast majority of Democrats in our district.”

The poll was conducted by JMC Enterprises from September 18-21 and collected responses from 492 likely voters with a margin of error of 4.4%.

4 Responses

  1. If you trust independent polls you are an idiot. Ofcouse they’re going to be skewed in favor of the candidate who conducted it! It’s time for Brion to drop out and put his support behind a Troiano, a candidate we can trust to take steps away from Marinos failed partisan tea party politics

  2. Good luck in your search for an honest poll in this country. maybe while your at it you’ll find a flying pig too

  3. As someone who was called with that cockamamie poll, it was one of the most dishonest push polls I have ever been asked to take. It indicated that Troiano was “under 35” but never mentioned that he is barely 25. It only talked about him and Marino without bringing Brion’s name into it, at least to the point two or three minutes in when I hung up. There is one thing that Troiano has a lot of and that’s good press. He is short on policy.

  4. Gerrymandering has truly screwed the people of the 10th district out of actual leadership from its member of congress. Marino is an put of touch tea party crook who needs to go. I will be supporting Troiano in the next election and urge others in the 10th to as well. Tell Marino it’s time for him to take his clown partisan antics out of Washington

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