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PA-11: Ostrowski Announces Candidacy


Andrew Ostrowski (D-Dauphin) announced that he is running for Congress in Pennsylvania’s 11th Congressional district. The seat is currently held by incumbent Lou Barletta (R-Luzerne).

Ostrowski intends to make job creation and government reform his top priorities while campaigning for the seat.

“I want to make sure that every Pennsylvanian has the opportunity to pursue their dreams, whether that means raising a family, opening their own business, or working for one of the many great employers in Pennsylvania in a free and open system where their rights are fully protected,” said Ostrowski.

The Dauphin resident is a career lawyer who specializes in the field of civil rights. He personally established the Pennsylvania Civil Rights Law Network (PCRLN), which is an organization devoted to providing equal access to justice for all Pennsylvania citizens.

“I established this organization as the cornerstone for the development of a nationwide advocacy system, dedicated to upholding the United States Constitution in our courts. This network has provided support for victims of judicial misconduct and court deficiencies all over the country that have violated their civil rights.”

Ostroski will campaign against Rep. Barletta who is seeking his third straight victory in PA-11. Barletta currently chairs the Economic Development, Public Buildings and Emergency Management subcommittee.*

Barletta is coming off a sweeping victory in 2012 over Democrat Gene Stilp and was also the beneficiary of favorable redistricting that same year. Although the incumbent only retained 35 percent of his former district, he gained deep red pockets located in the center of the state and lost left-leaning areas in northeast Pa.

Barletta has been outspoken against both Obamacare and the current administration’s attempt at immigration reform.

 *Correction made

10 Responses

  1. Hi Guys, Keep your eye on the ball. We are just getting started. It’s time to clean out the crime syndicate that runs the nation’s court. It’s interesting that much of Barletta’s funding is from the transport and railway worker unions- and he sits on the House Infrastructure Committee.. I’d say that’s a conflict of interest. All that aside, with no ties to any special interest groups, Andy Ostrowski will be a breath of fresh air in Washington, DC.. bringing innovative ideas- because he is beholden to no one. I do not believe there are any civil rights lawyers there, and there has been a dangerous trend of suspensions of them by the courts; the Russians won the cold war.

  2. Let us not look upon this mans failures as if we have none of our own. Let us look upon his principles and the agenda he brings to the table. His ability to overcome these trials is testament to the mans tenacity and determination. I for one say “Let us now unite under one banner and – VOTE DIDDY”. Live every night at chat . parachat . c*m

  3. The emphasis should be on Ostrowski’s personal instability and getting booted from the Pennsylvania bar.

  4. This is not even close to the first example of laziness, sloppiness, and lack of understanding the political process. Have some pride in your work.

  5. “Barletta is currently the chair of three subcommittees in the state legislature — Economic Development, Public Buildings and Emergency Management.”

    Should read: Barletta is currently the chair of the Congressional Subcommittee on Economic Development, Public Buildings, and Emergency Management.

    A Congressman wouldn’t get to chair three different subcommittees.

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