PA-12: #1 in Outside House Spending

Pennsylvania’s most competitive Congressional race is now the country’s leader in outside spending for House races.

According to a report by the Sunlight Foundation, approximately $9.7 million has been poured into the race, with GOP PACs and interest groups contributing the most.

Leading the way in outside spending is the Grover Norquist led group Americans for Tax Reform. With spending opposing Incumbent Congressman Mark Critz ($1.5 million) and supporting GOP hopeful Keith Rothfus, they’ve spent $2.5 million in the race. Combined with the NRCC, which splurged $2.3 million to oppose Critz, the conservative groups have poured in approximately $4.8 million. 

On the Democratic side, DCCC has paid a hefty sum in the race, dumping $1.8 million to oppose Rothfus. House Majority PAC ($460k) and the AFSCME/AFL-CIO ($360k) have also ponied up on behalf of Critz to oppose Rothfus.

Heavy GOP spending in PA-12 should come as no surprise. PA-12 has been viewed as a golden goose for the GOP ever since redistricting. However, the district is equally as important for the Democrats if they have any hope of gaining seats in the House nationally.

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2 thoughts on “PA-12: #1 in Outside House Spending”

  1. no common sense says:

    “common sense” is a Diana Irey Vaughn supporter/hack who’s been grinding an anti-Murtha ax for years ever since Diana got trounced at the polls in 2006. This latest phony Critz attack is loony tunes and merely a carry over from the Diana epic fail. Give it up, ladies – it’s been what 6 years already.

  2. common sense says:

    If Mark Critz were any good he could run on what he has done and how the people stand behind him, not the Union groups!

    Critz needs to go and whatever it takes to do it since who knows how bad voter fraud will be in that district.

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