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PA-12: Hayes Announces Candidacy For Congress

James Hayes

Just three months into her tenure in Congress and Rep. Summer Lee has drawn a challenger for 2024.

James Hayes, a business executive with multiple degrees in economics and business, announced plans to challenge Lee in next year’s congressional elections.

The 61-year-old Hayes from Pittsburgh’s Shadyside neighborhood, will seek the Republican nomination for the 12th Congressional District, which encompasses the city and portions of the South Hills and parts of Westmoreland County.

“All the people of the 12th District deserve a voice in Congress,” Hayes said. “I will never turn my back on our fellow democracy, Israel, nor will I support the reckless economic and taxation schemes advanced by Rep. Lee and her extremist allies.”

A native Pennsylvanian, Hayes is the son of a union steelworker who was among those displaced by the massive deindustrialization of the 1980s. He credits the United Steelworkers of America for providing the scholarship money that first sent him to college.

Hayes holds degrees from Georgetown, Princeton, Chicago and Case Western Reserve Universities and held top positions with Fortune 500 companies as well as a six-year stint with the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, Va.

“I’m painfully familiar with the failures of government to encourage the kind of business growth and economic diversity needed to ensure places like western Pennsylvania don’t suffer the shock and decay that diminished the lives of a generation of citizens in this district,” Hayes said.

He is positioning himself as a free-market advocate in opposition to the progressive stances of the incumbent Lee.

“The people of the 12th District are hard-working, honest Americans who work hard, play by the rules, and deserve a government more concerned with them as free people than sources of revenue to be squeezed by higher taxes,” Hayes said. “I share their values and those values are not to be found in the squad or any of its hangers-on.”

Hayes and his wife, Brenda, have four daughters. His son, James Michael, was shot to death last December in a yet-to-be solved crime.

5 Responses

  1. I worked with James a few years ago. I am now retired. In my 46 years I worked there have only been a hand full of people who I would call brilliant. James is one of those people. His honesty and integrity along with his patience tell me we would be lucky to have us represent the people here in Pittsburgh. God bless you James.

  2. Sounds like James has a great background and the realization that the progressive agenda is bad for Pittsburgh, bad for Pennsylvania, bad for our nation. His message will resonate well with Pittsburgh Region voters, a rational candidate for rational people. Thanks for throwing your hat in the ring! Good luck!

  3. Black GOP candidate expects to win GOP endorsement by tidal wave of minority voters??? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. He is basically running in the GOP platform from 30 years ago. Good luck with that. The nativists will force you to go to the extreme side.


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