PA-12: Hugya Boasts NRA endorsement


Democratic candidate for Congress John Hugya has just netted a seemingly odd endorsement: the NRA.

The National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund officially endorsed Hugya, a former Chief of Staff for Rep. John Murtha and a Korean War veteran, in his bid for the Democratic nomination in Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District.

The NRA supporting a Democratic candidate could certainly broaden Hugya’s appeal to right-leaning voters, considering an NRA endorsement is usually given to more conservative candidates.

James Baker, Director of Federal Affairs for the NRA-PVF, stated that Col. John Hugya, “demonstrated a proven commitment to our second amendment rights,” earning an “AQ” rating with the organization — whichis equivalent to an A grade.

Hugya, for his part, was thrilled by the endorsement.

“I am honored to have the NRA’s endorsement,” he said. “My 100% commitment to the NRA shows my dedication to the fight for our constitutional right to keep and bear arms as President Obama continues to attack the rights of gun owners. I stand with the Constitution and the rights it guarantees.”

Like former PA-12 Representative Mark Critz, Hugya is towing more of a centrist party line, supporting conservative causes like protection of the Second Amendment.

Hugya faces of businesswoman Erin McClelland in the upcoming Democratic primary. The winner will face Rothfus in the general.

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  1. In 2003, I met Hugya when he participated in meetings about helping landowners adjoining the Flight 93 crash site. I was leading the effort to conserve the site, and we had a bunch of really nice people sitting around a table one day when Hugya, sitting at the other end, suddenly produced a beautiful nickel-plated .45 1911 and unceremoniously put it on the table. I think his message was that his boss Cong. Murtha, was serious about helping his constituents. Most of us were serious gun nerds and immediately had the nice pistol passed around the table so we could each admire it. The National Park Service staff were a bit shocked. Hugya is his own guy, he marches to the beat of the 1950s rural Democrat that he is (by today’s standard JFK would be a right-wing Republican), and I like the guy a lot. He is a tough, no-nonsense pitbull. His constituents will be well-served.

  2. “towing the line”? really? to where is the line being towed? Does it require a truck? or, perhaps you meant “Toe the line”.

    And new liberal lion is a good illustration of exactly what is wrong with liberal politics today. Half-facts, a lot of name calling, not much else.

  3. The NRA is a civil rights and gun safety organization made up of over 5 million members. They are not Republican. They are not a shill for gun manufacturers or supported my millionaires. Making up lies and name calling does not make you or your stance right or intelligent.

  4. This man basically is a copy of Mark Critz. Thinks he is superior to women, hates minimum wage, hates the environment, loves guns…. great.
    Hugya??….I don’t even know ya…..
    Hugyas not Gunyas….

  5. “as President Obama continues to attack the rights of gun owners” WHERE?…you 80 year old backwoods idiot! Go lay on a beach somewhwere, why don’t you! Your generation is not in control anymore. President Obama has EXPANDED THE RIGHTS OF GUN OWNERS For the last dam time! Which led to the death of a forest ranger, might I add. People like you keep spreading untruths and manufacturing falsehoods all supplied by billionaires throwing huge amounts of money into conservative think tanks in order to make the country think this way. I’m sick and tired of rednecks and their stupid N.R.A. which doesn’t give a dam about the rights of gun owners. Hugya needs to change his voter registration to republican and get over the fact that we have a black President just like the rest of the country because there are more of them to come.

  6. Don’t worry about Democratic values! Mr. Hugya will support our Democratic President to the hilt when it comes to the Obama policies of indefinite detention, search and seizure without a warrant, jailing people for petitioning their government for redress, and execution of American citizens without an indictment let alone a trial. He will back this President on drone strikes in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen and Libya. He will support president Obama in funding al Qaeda in Syria and neo-Nazis in Ukraine. And, he will borrow as much money as necessary to support the surveillance state and war wherever the President wants.

  7. For the most part Democrats in the 12 District are pretty moderate and some would even argue conservative, so while I personally don’t support his stance on most things this actually doesn’t hurt him very much at all in the primary and will surely be a huge asset if he were to make it to the general election.

  8. From last night’s debate, he is against the minimum wage, against the EPA trying to keep our air and water clean, and claims Erin McClelland was cheating at the debate because she can’t be that smart.

    Now he gets the NRA endorsement.

    Yep, that will help in the Democratic primary.

  9. Like former PA-12 Representative Mark Critz, Hugya is towing more of a centrist party line, supporting conservative causes like protection of the Second Amendment.

    Is that centrist or 1 step away from a wingnut?

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