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PA-12: Larchuk Raises $286K in 2015, Reports $122,000 COH

LarchukDemocratic Congressional candidate Steve Larchuk announced his 2015 fundraising results today.

Since announcing his campaign in February 2015, Larchuk has raised $286,000 in campaign receipts and has $122,000 cash on hand heading into 2016.

Campaign Manager Bruce Spector also announced the addition of several new political advisors.

“We are pleased to announce that we have retained highly regarded national Democratic fund-raising and policy consultant L.A. Harris and Marty Marks, a Pittsburgh-based political and labor communications specialist with extensive experience in Western Pennsylvania campaigns and an impressive win-loss record,” said Spector.

“I am honored and excited to be working with such a talented team of professionals and volunteers and look forward to doing everything I can in this campaign to defeat Keith Rothfus and get to the business of fixing our broken Congress,” Larchuk stated.

The campaign also revealed that they’ll be seeking the endorsement of the Allegheny County Democratic Committee this year.

Larchuk is facing 2014 Democratic nominee Erin McClelland in his party’s primary. GOP Congressman Keith Rothfus has represented the district since 2013.

The 12th district covers Beaver County and parts of Allegheny, Cambria, Lawrence, Somerset, and Westmoreland Counties.

18 Responses

  1. MLP: Also notice the 33K he already reimbursed back to himself in “expenses.” This is a major red flag. First because he is already paying himself back using the 26K he raised and the race has barely even started. He clearly didn’t enter the race with a donor base and that can take an entire cycle to build. Its too late for him to start creating one. This will scare any smart donor away because they know he is going to use their money to reimburse himself for money already spent as opposed to putting it into the race. This filing is proof this candidate has spent his way into a finance black hole. He also filed before Jan 10 which means he is either clueless about the laws or he was sure he wouldn’t be getting anymore contribution checks before the Jan 10 deposit deadline. Again, showing no donor base or no understanding of how this works.

  2. Everything you need to know about this guy can be taken from the facts in this absurd finance report and the candidate’s own words here:

    The author in this article openly mocks the ridiculous assertion that a “groundswell of 50,000” will suddenly follow him as if he’s Jesus. He invented his own political party, his own economic theory and even a number of his own terms that do not exist. He ran for Senate and didn’t make it on the ballot. He ran for Congress in 2006 and got 1% of the vote. He lost a school board election when he lived in NJ.

  3. Senator Rutherford B. Cattywampus-

    Until the campaign finance reports are release, there isn’t much to report on besides the “raised” and “cash on hand” numbers the candidates give you.

  4. He hasn’t raised $280k. It is 95% self funding. And almost all of his spending is on staff (hey, somebody has to post here). How about doing some research and not just reprint press releases.

  5. He doesn’t seem to understand the demographic makeup of this district, or is at least cocky enough to think that it doesn’t apply to him. No matter how you feel about single-payer healthcare, his support of it disqualifies him from winning in the general election, and may even disqualify him from the primary in this district. Obama got crushed in this district for the ACA, and single-payer is well to the left of that.

    How will he respond when Rothfus and his minions scare everyone that he wants to take away their healthcare? Guilty as charged?

  6. This guy isn’t raising money. He’s self funding his own campaign. He’s just another OLD RICH WHITE LAWYER a.k.a. Keith Rothfus. He wants to hyper-inflate our economy with 2 TRILLION DOLLARS A YEAR!
    Listen to this guy speak, seriously. He was on the Union Edge, and the stuff he’s saying is crazy! He’s blowing his own money on giant posters of his face, and has NO support. Larchuk is delusional.

  7. Just making a point here that Senator Cattywampus is on Facebook, he or she has one friend and that friend is McClelland’s favorite accessory Chuck Pascal. The other interesting thing is everything that the Senator mentioned here is almost word for word what I heard McClelland say on one of the night’s that I was within earshot of her. Based on her last filing she might want to do less public mudslinging and more fundraising. She could be a great candidate, but you’d think she would have figured out how to do that by now.

  8. What in gods name did this idiot spend $160,000 on? For that amount, everyone in the district should know who he is. But guess what, no one has a clue who this guy is. And does he have eyes on the top of his head? I’ve never seen him or a pic of him without his glasses on top of his head.

    Why isn’t anyone asking why this empty suit showed up from St. Croix and started putting his face on everything from his car to cookies?

  9. I’ve had the opportunity to see McClelland in public twice. Both times she seemed more than “tipsy” in a public setting. She also badmouthed almost anyone that wasn’t her. As a potential voter she turned me off completely with her behavior. We have more than enough people like her in Congress already.

  10. As long as Erin has Pascal the Rascal running her campaign, the muddy waters will dirty her as well. She deserves better but slime won’t carry her to Washington.

  11. The primary is going to be a breeze for this guy. Erin should have cut her loses in 2014. She is just wasting her time yelling into a microphone to anyone that will listen.

  12. It sounds like a big number, but if you look at the details, $260K of it is his own money. The really staggering thing is that He has already spent over $160K, and the campaign is just starting.

  13. When will Larchuk announce that Alan Kennedy Shaffer will serve as his chief of staff?

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