PA-12: McClelland Picks Up Four Lawrence Co. Endorsements

Erin McClelland

Erin McClelland

Democratic candidate Erin McClelland for PA-12 announced today that her campaign has received the support of four elected officials from Lawrence County. The most prominent were County Commissioner Stephen Craig and Ellwood City Mayor Anthony Court.

Commissioner Craig and Mayor Court accompanied McClelland to a press event at the Ellwood City Council Borough Building this morning to declare their endorsement. McClelland is also being backed by Ellwood City Councilman Ralph Chiappetta and John Todorich, who could not attend the ceremony.

The newly re-constructed 12th congressional district now contains some of Lawrence County, with Ellwood City being the most prominent Lawrence Co. town in the new district. Republican Congressman Keith Rothfus currently represents the 12th district, since his 2012 defeat of Democrat Mark Critz.

In her press statement about the event, the McClelland campaign highlighted the fact that the candidate has scored endorsements in four of the six counties that make up part of the district. Aside from Lawrence, these include Allegheny, Beaver, and Westmoreland counties.

McClelland’s primary opponent is Col. John Hugya, a former Chief of Staff to Rep. John Murtha who represented the 12th district for 45 years. Hugya is likely to focus on Murtha’s old stronghold of Johnstown and its surrounding areas in Cambria and Somerset counties.

McClelland is a businesswoman from New Kensington.


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7 thoughts on “PA-12: McClelland Picks Up Four Lawrence Co. Endorsements”

  1. ModerateMel says:

    Zak, actually a National Socialist is not the opposite of a marxist. It lies some where between marxism and pure capitalism. Taking from both to make what was once the straight line of political philosophy into a circle.

  2. zak says:


    You can’t be a Marxist and a Nationalist-Socialist at the same time. They are diametrically opposite political philosophies.

  3. ModerateMel says:

    I’ve worked with Erin as a volunteer for a local charity. She is smart, courageous, and very independent. She is a fighter and won’t back down to her party or republicans. She is what we need in Congress.

  4. CentPADem says:

    Rothfus is a tool – this lady would be a MAJOR upgrade. Hugya is too old.

  5. Marie says:

    To bad people are not held accountable for their comments re: the opposite party. I am a Communist, Socialist Democrat – I am also proud that Barack Obama is our President.

  6. Joe says:

    I currently live in this district. I hope my fellow citizens in this beautiful SWPA district shun any Democrat. A pretty face shouldn’t cut it; being a woman and just running on the message of “I’m a woman, and if you don’t vote for me, you are a misogynist, racist, Nazi, Fascist, white supremacist, right wing extremist” should not be of any substance for this woman or that mobster, Hugya, to beat Mr. Rothfus. Voters in this District made a smart choice electing him and should retain him. A vote for this woman or the mobster is a vote for the rubber-stamping of Barack O’Stalin’s Marxist-Socialist agenda. Gun confiscation, industry killing policies, suppression of anyone who disagrees with the DNC, amnesty for illegals with ties to Mexican, La Raza style ultra Nationalist-Socialism, more bankrupting welfare programs, tax increases, and the weaponization of healthcare against Obama’s opposition are all of the things that will follow if the Communist Democrats take back the house, and hold the senate. Rothfus 2014.

  7. SD says:

    She seems pretty great…this will be an interesting election.

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