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PA-12: McClelland Premieres First TV Commercial (VIDEO)

Erin McClelland is hitting the airwaves.

The Democratic nominee in the PA-12 race released her first TV ad of the campaign.

“I’m Erin McClelland and I’m running for Congress because Wall Street and the big banks have been calling the shots in Washington for far too long,” McClelland states. “Unfair trade deals, tax breaks for companies shipping jobs overseas, soaring health care costs, and mountains of student debt. That works for the insiders but not us. We need to stop unfair trade deals, lower health care costs and make college affordable. And always protect Social Security and Medicare.”

“I’m Erin McClelland and I approved this message because enough is enough,” she concludes.

McClelland, who was also the Democrats’ 2014 nominee, is running against GOP incumbent Congressman Keith Rothfus.

The 12th Congressional District consists of all of Beaver County, and parts of Allegheny, Cambria, Lawrence, Somerset, and Westmoreland Counties.

6 Responses

  1. Steve? Steve Zappala junior junior…my little cousin? Is that you attacking Erin? Uncle Charley said we couldn’t come out openly until AFTER the election. Did I miss the memo? Well…I guess it’s over anyway so you can come in from the cold now.

  2. She’s just weird. She does do a weird shimy thing. I also saw her introduction of Chelsea speaking at Chatham. She’s just coo coo for cocoa puffs.

  3. Good add with a brief nod to the sleeper issue of this election cycle–college affordability. This issue can only get bigger and will do so. Nice job!

  4. Did anyone else notice the strange shimmy shake she did as she walks in to talk to the camera in the beginning? Lolololol

  5. We approve this message too since it don’t hurt our man Rotfus. We actually had a hand in it since we put a rat in her campaign who brings everything back to the family. My cousin Stevie junior and Uncle Charlie are laughing their asses off because he even got paid for spying.

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