PA-12: Mikus Joins McClelland Campaign

Mike MikusDemocratic Congressional nominee Erin McClelland is adding to her campaign staff.

Mike Mikus will serve as the campaign’s consultant on message and strategy.

Mikus currently serves as Chief Strategist for the Katie McGinty Senate campaign. In 2008, he was Rep. Jason Altmire’s campaign manager. He also managed Congressman Mark Critz’s campaigns in 2010 and 2012.

“I am excited to have Mike on my campaign team. He knows how to win tough elections and nobody knows that 12th District better than Mike,” McClelland said. “Mike’s expertise in these types of races will go a long way toward propelling us to victory on Election Day.”

“I am honored to be working for Erin McClelland,” Mikus responded. “She’s a fighter who will wake up every day looking for ways to strengthen and grow the middle class, while Keith Rothfus ignores the needs of western Pennsylvania families and does nothing but cater to the wealthy Washington special interests.”

The 12th Congressional District consists of all of Beaver County, and parts of Allegheny, Cambria, Lawrence, Somerset, and Westmoreland Counties.

15 Responses

  1. Fuhgetaboutit! Rothfus is connected to t-pike Zappala stooge Lieberman Who sends big bond issues to New York bankers for Charlie Z. And the whole crime family eats while the F.B.I. Jacks off, as usual. You would think the Feds would know about the f.o.I act by now…nope. They endeavor to leave no stone unturned, except the one they are standing on that hides the evidence. How do I know this? I ‘m a rat and I got my dad out of a life sentence by playing the Feds for chumps. Fear the Z or I’ll sick the dogs on you.

  2. Behind the scenes? Really? None of what I outlined was in any way behind the scenes. As far as “many fathers” are concerned, all you need to do is to look at all of the persons and organizations that I laid out in order to see who they were. It took that type of massive intervention to overcome Sestaks lead and drag her across the finish line. As with her bid for governor, before that intervention there were no “many fathers”. Just Mikus presiding over a disaster in the making.

  3. Plubius-

    Success has many fathers. Failure is an orphan.

    I have no idea what went on with Mikus behind the scenes, but just couldn’t pass up the opportunity for sarcasm.

    McGinty won because Sestak was a terrible and unlikable candidate, who ran a goofy, micro-managed operation, and he had nothing interesting to say.

  4. The primary against Sestak? Sure, after he was bleeding votes and Obama, Biden, Rendell, Wolfe, the DSCC, etc… rode in to pull his rear end out of the fire. Notice you do not mention the Critz loss in 2012, bringing in McGinty fourth out of four in the last Governors race or the disaster that were all of the primary campaigns that he ran against incumbent Democrats in last years primary, nor the fact that he was fired from Bob O’Connors mayoral campaign for engaging in election fraud.

  5. Allegheny R-

    “What was the last election this guy won?”

    Umm… the primary against Sestak

  6. So is this the guy who managed McKinty to a seven point polling deficit? Must be very talented…

  7. So where goes the rotten little drunk, Pascal the Rascal? Maybe now Erin can breate, and berate some life into her campaign. She should pay the nasty little turd his 22 K and ship him off to the nearest bar. She will be all the better for it.

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