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PA-12: Rothfus Gives Weekly GOP Address (VIDEO)

Congressman Keith Rothfus delivered the weekly Republican Address over the weekend.

In honor of Constitution Day, Rep. Rothfus focused on specific aspects of the Constitution such as: freedom, separation of powers, government transparency, and protection of First and Second amendment rights.

Rep. Rothfus used the opportunity to honor the original drafters of the constitution and promote the Republican platform “A Better Way”.

“Theirs was a vision for a new kind of government, one based on freedom not force.” Rep. Rothfus remarked. He also applauded their structuring of government in order to promote separation of powers and ensure “the government would operate by the consent of the governed.”

Rep. Rothfus believes, however, that those principles within the constitution have been threatened over recent years. Rep. Rothfus cites those threats as the reasoning behind this new Republican agenda.

“Our Better Way plan seeks to restore the separation of powers in at least a few important ways,” Rothfus continues. “We propose that Congress actually write laws in clear language that provides clear lines of authority—no gray areas that allow unelected bureaucrats to run amok; we propose new limits on spending, so that Congress and the people have the ultimate say over how your tax dollars are being spent; and we want to increase transparency across the board. Make government publish more information about what it’s doing, and especially, what it’s regulating.”

Rep. Rothfus concluded his address by reminding the audience of the importance of defending the constitution as that is “how we keep America exceptional.”

The 12th Congressional District consists of all of Beaver County, and parts of Allegheny, Cambria, Lawrence, Somerset, and Westmoreland Counties.

4 Responses

  1. If he needs the mafia’s help to get off the turnpike, he probably doesn’t pay either. No wonder the turnpike mobsters need more money

  2. Gerrymandered district puts enough mountain yahoos in to outweigh the union men, so this is “safe” (for old conservative, poorly educated white men) district and they feel Obama has been taking away their “freedoms”. Suck an egg, dodey. Take your Better Way to the next Klan meeting.

  3. “A better Way”. Keep trickling his job-killing tax cuts up to the rich. Give me a break. 35 years of this crap is long enough.

  4. he forgot to thanks us here at the Zappala Crime Family when we had our turnpike stooge Lieberman send the state police to rescue him from the Gravity Hill snowstorm. He will be punished.

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