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PA-13: Boyle Begins TV Ad Campaign

State Rep. Brendan Boyle (D-Philadelphia) released his first television ad today in his campaign for the Democratic nomination in PA-13.

“[My wife and I are] not millionaires like every one of my opponents,” Boyle says in the ad. “Right now half of Congress are millionaires but they pay lower taxes than firefighters and teachers. I think their priorities are screwed up. Congress refuses to raise the minimum wage and then cuts programs for the middle class.”

boyle ad 1“Over 20 different labor unions endorsed me because defending working class families is my priority,” Boyle concludes.

The thirty second spot will run on a hundred thousand dollar buy on twenty cable networks over the next two weeks.

This will put a big dent in Boyle’s cash on hand, which at the end of the first quarter was just $398,237, compared to the over $600,000 that State Senator Daylin Leach and physician/activist Valerie Arkoosh have.

Leach also launched his media buy today.

Also running for the Democratic nomination to succeed retiring Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz is former Congresswoman Marjorie Margolies.

18 Responses

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  2. Best Ad of the Season – home run!!
    Congressman Boyle has a nice ring to it.
    Good luck man!

  3. @KingOfSpades –

    Thank you for your stupid comment. It helps me prove a point. You imply that Brendan Boyle is too green, too wet-behind-the-ears. We also have other posts implying that Brendan Boyle is anything but green. They imply he is part of a corrupt machine.

    These two contradictory scenarios are mutually exclusive. Such a contradiction indicates that posters are mindlessly flinging personal attacks from behind a screen name without any real thought about their posts. Such posts should be discounted altogether.

  4. @DownWithCorbett – I have already explained Brendan Boyle’s background to Sean Kitchen in his blog. Anyone familiar with Northeast Philly politics knows that Boyle built a grass-roots network of supporters outside the Party structure. Some in the Party structure have accepted Boyle in admiration of his grit and hard work. Some have not accepted him as being an outsider. Regardless, Brendan Boyle is known for sticking to his views regardless of whatever pressure is exerted on him because he can rely on his network for support.

    I already explained this to Sean Kitchen. I requested that he cease with the name-calling, particularly if he considers himself to be a serious blogger. Instead of moderating his language and sticking to policy discussion, he has continued in the same vein.

    I have noticed that many of Daylin Leach’s supporters have engaged in name-calling and innuendo against Brendan Boyle. As I mentioned in a prior post, it has reached the point of hysteria as they contemplate a possible Boyle victory. If these are the type of people whom Daylin Leach attracts, then I question how effective he would be as a Congressperson.

  5. I played pool with Daylin Leach after a recent Philly for Change event, and it seemed so natural to support him. Now here’s this Brendan Boyle with a superb ad and my kind of endorsements. Even Val Arkoosh, who I’ve talked to briefly, is worthy. I have no idea who to support. A pleasant dilemma, I suppose.

  6. He’s 37 and married and a father. Yes, he’s clean shaven.

    Great ad Brendan! The working man’s candidate! If you’re a millionaire, he’s not your guy.

  7. This was an excellent advertisement. The focus on the economy and income equality is exactly what is in the minds of voters, and it motivates Brendan Boyle’s base. He may not have as much campaign cash as the others, but he has enough to make his voice heard.

    Ultimately, I think that the campaigns’ GOTV will decide this Primary Election because of the number of candidates in the race. Brendan Boyle has a strong field operation (especially in NE Philly) as shown by the large number of petitions filed by the campaign. The Boyle campaign has the advantage here.

    Boyle’s highlighting the wealth of his three opponents seems to have hit a sore spot with them and their supporters. Good. They have attacked Boyle throughout the campaign, and they seem to be unable to calmly absorb an attack in return.

    Daylin Leach’s supporters seem especially shrill. I have seen a lot of name-calling as we see from villavoice instead of serious discussion. (villavoice – You appear to be the Brian Villa who also wrote the rude comment on Facebook.) The name-calling and wild charges from Leach’s supporters against Boyle have approached hysteria as they contemplate Boyle’s potential victory.

    I question whether Boyle’s opponents will truly represent the 99% considering their own wealth. MM and Arkoosh have not really focused on the economy at all, and Leach only recently so. Most of his focus early in the campaign seemed to be focused on legalizing marijuana. I really do question their legislative priorities.

  8. @sean
    Man your not too bright. Read between the lines bozo !! Bob Brady is for Margorie Duh. His BFF and spokesperson Ken Smukler is MMM former chief of staff. Bradys not a Brendan lover quite the opposite which is why he has his Minion Ward Leaders that he can control ( Dillon McAlleer Sabatina ) supporting his gf Margorie. This is the kinda garbage BB is up against. A party chair endorsing him but supporting the other guy. All the more reason to support BB

  9. If you want a Philadelphia Machine Patsy, Boyle is your choice, along with Bob Brady, Fattah and the other useless dems from SEPA. No thanks.

  10. @ KSJW:

    Your comment is expendable; he cannot be impugned for wanting to be engaged [with his brother] in public-service, and it is difficult to conjure this criterion as a negative [beyond rhetoric generated by a competitor] from the voters’ perspectives.

    @ Ciervo:

    Your observation exemplifies a method by which BB can attempt to avoid appearing to be lock-step 100% with all policies associated with unions.

  11. I’d love to hear from Brendan how forcing private businesses to pay workers more per hour will DECREASE the unemployment rate of the group with the highest unemployment rate in the country, 16-24 year olds without a HS diploma (26% for males and 33% for females).

    If Brendan truly was interested in helping younger workers who are unemployed get their first job he would be discussing ways to create starter wages for them as even economist Larry Summers (a noted Democrat) has advocated.

  12. ““[My wife and I are] not millionaires like every one of my opponents,””

    Yawn. The kid went into government as soon as he left HKS. He’s a career politician focused on self aggrandizement. (See his running for multiple offices at the same time.) He chose power over money. He can only blame himself. Irregardless of his decision, either choice doesn’t make you qualified to be an elected official.

  13. Permit me to mediate from a disinterested perspective, recognizing that i have worked with BB’s office on the mandatory holocaust education legislation and have been highly-impressed; i’ve been a GOP-committeeman for two decades, so i don’t have a “horse” in this race, otherwise.

    I think the association of Leach with Grayson both characterizes the former and serves as an albatross; being the most-to-the-left opens one to being satirized [atop self-ridicule, which can be endearing]. It’s OK to be enjoying yourself and to be exuding self-confidence; it’s another issue, however, when you wish to convey that you harbor the gravitas of a congressman. He’s off-color website of a decade ago, his championing pot…these aren’t high-priority issues facing Dem-voters.

    It seems MMM is unduly depending upon “The Vote” [as meaning what?] and Arkoosh is justifiably presenting herself as a fresh-face; nevertheless, BB is the only Philadelphian [and he has the background that solidifies that foundation].

    Finally, and this is what should determine the outcome of the prior debate, BB’s ad builds upon the $-opener, drawing in his bio; thus, viewed holistically, it leaves the viewer pleased with what he/she saw and able to identify with what he/she just heard.

    [I’m not enamored of some of BB’s platform–info that i conveyed directly to a member of his staff–so this unsolicited input should not be construed as a “plant”; rather, it should be viewed–because i don’t know which R will be nominated (although I have my predictions and have directly provided feedback to both), I am not somehow trying to parlay my assessment of the Dems to advantage–somehow–the R in the subsequent campaign.]

  14. Well, villavoice, generally speaking, the opening ad of a campaign is a bio spot. That’s exactly what this is. Also, your bit about “your effort doesn’t work” will be proven wrong next month not because Rep. Boyle is any better than the others but because he’s the only one from Northeast Philly. Look at any primary; they’re about numbers. The three montgomery county candidates will split the county and Boyle will run free in Philly. My point isn’t in support of any particular candidate but it’s just the cold hard facts that the dynamics of this race support the Philly candidate.
    Personally, with the exception of Margolies, I think the remaining three are awesome candidates and I’ll be happy with either of them.

  15. Ad doesn’t provide a point or points on what he’d do as his policy priority or priorities besides a vague, generic statement. He also goes for a wealth angle attack against people who are older than him and worked or educated themselves for their security successfully, with perhaps the exception of the oldest candidate.

    Nice try, Babyface. Your effort doesn’t work.

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