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PA-13: Boyle Holds Rally While Competitors Debate

BoyleWhile his opponents debated for the cameras, Boyle chose a more direct method to reach voters.

After he revealed that he would not be attending last night’s debate at the Philadelphia Portuguese Club due to the organizer’s support of Marjorie Margolies, State Rep. Brendan Boyle decided to hold a rally of supporters and lead them on a canvass of a nearby neighborhood.

According to the campaign, their rally consisted of over 50 supporters including elected officers and union officials and they knocked on over 1,900 doors.

“While my millionaire opponents are busy squabbling with one another in a debate organized by one of their campaigns, we’re here working to get our message out about why we need representation in Congress that will stand up for working families, not millionaires,” Boyle said. “Growing income inequality is the major issue our country faces today, and when I’m elected I will fight every day in Washington to make sure families like the ones that live right here in Northeast Philadelphia aren’t shut out of a better future.”

“Since being elected over five years ago, Brendan has been working for people across the city, and he’ll continue to work for our community as our next member of Congress,” said labor official Robert Gormley.

Boyle asserted his campaign has reached over 50,000 homes since last July.

“With the help of so many supporters who are here today, my campaign has reached more voter doors and held more community events than all of my opponents combined,” he stated. “It is a tribute to the work of all of you, and with your help we will be victorious on May 20th.”

12 Responses

  1. I think if you ask any of the people who write for KP or Politics PA they know that Daylin isn’t my boss. Hell, we don’t even generate revenue with what we do. I work at a beer distributor 40 hours a week. So there’s that…

  2. Sean – its hilarious that you and your not so witty sidekicks are attacking Brendan for one vote in the legislature aimed at making abortion safer after the Gosnell tragedies came to light. No matter how loud you and the Daylinites scream, your vicious name calling and antics will not change the fact that Brendan Boyle is Pro- Choice. But please tell your boss to continue to distort the truth and concentrate on this issues. The woman of the 13th will see through Daylin’s lies and focus on issues such as income inequality that affect all Americans.

  3. John – or Brendan… – , what relationship do you have with the Boyle campaign. Also if you are going to bring up wealth, how come you – or Brendan – haven’t been to the Fight for 15 rallies or how come you – or Brendan – weren’t at the fight for 15 planning meetings that had ufcw, seiu or other unions there, like Daylin?

    Just asking and please let us know who you are and what your relationship with the Boyle camp is.

  4. Boyle is anti-woman and anti-choice. Check out the Raging Chicken out of Kutztown, PA. Boyle should change parties!

  5. Why Philly Progressive, your post is chock full of language that Republicans use to attack Democrats (e.g., Ds worship Barack Obama as a god). You aren’t turning into a Republican, are you? 🙂

    Brendan Boyle’s three millionaire opponents seem to be turning into Republicans. Time and again we have seen some so-called progressives pay lip service to the needs of the poor and middle class. As soon as they are elected, however, they vote for their own economic self-interests.

    Regardless of what type of background the candidates had growing up, what matters now is how will they protect the 99%. This issue doesn’t seem to be on the radar screen for Valerie Arkoosh or MM. Daylin Leach only started discussing it recently. Only Brendan Boyle has consistently discussed the economy and income inequality.

  6. It may be of-interest for y’all [Dems] to peruse a disinterested perspective regarding last night’s debate; critique is invited:

    “To be provided is a summary of what happened tonight @ a candidate-debate in the wide-open race in the 13th Congressional District which Boyle boycotted because, he said, the forum was run by a Margolies supporter and also [I’m told] because its rules permitted both written-speeches [which MMM delivered] and no closing-remarks [plus, I was not pleased to note, no questions permitted from anyone in the ~100-member audience].

    “In my view, each candidate presented him-/her-self in precisely the way they had previously; indeed, I had blogged @ PoliticsPa in this regard, noting that what I had read of them mirrored the article that had summarized their prior performance. In this case, a few disinterested observations are perhaps relevant to handicappers; obviously, Boyle was a punching-bag throughout [“his claim we’re all rich is both wrong and a diversion from his sudden flip to being pro-choice”].

    “MMM amazingly used her opener to attack her three competitors, often superficially [e.g., Daylin lives a few yards from the PA-13 District-border, but has roots in NE-Philly that dominate his childhood]; I was told later that she had used her closer during the prior debate [the only one she had attended] also to bash her fellow-Dems. She had her hands over her mouth during the opener, and she spoke in a soft voice; it seemed that her body-lingo conveyed reticence to have presented herself as a bitter old woman but, nevertheless, she clearly set the tone for a chasm to exist between herself and Daylin/Valerie.

    “Daylin, on the other hand, was his usual animated-self; it is no accident that he said one of his prior jobs was being a stand-up comedian. Moreover, after the event, he was able to answer a question posed by myself regarding what his proposed remedy would be to gerrymandering, citing California [a process of which I’m aware] plus other ideas that would generate some automaticity that would minimize political infighting. During the debate, he demonstrated his levity by claiming he opposed the final redistricting plan, even though he benefitted from its borders, “Allowing me to show indignation while laughing all the way to the bank!” He knows his issues well, and constantly conveyed the impression that he is an achiever…without attacking Valerie but by attacking MMM on the campaign-$ issue [a charge that she chose not to deflect, claiming it would be adjudicated…to which Daylin replied that the outcome would likely not be issued until after the primary-election day of 5/20]. {Pennsylvania State Senator Daylin Leach says he will stage a ‘sit-in’ at Governor Tom Corbett’s office until he agrees to meet with him about legalizing medical marijuana.}

    “Valerie, also, was interactive; she accepted new information about the availability of THC [“Nabilone”] of which she did not previously know [based on her public statement regarding pot] GRACIOUSLY, and then proceeded to critique [gently] BHO’s Foreign Policy [regarding Iran] and Kerry’s Apartheid-quote [as had other Dems]; she will ponder whether she would want to issue a formal press-release on these issues, for she feels everything is related to oil [and the conversation ended before we could connect-the-dots regarding Islamism]. She also knows the issues well, and is proud of her role in having promoted ObamaDon’tCare [a topic we didn’t discuss, as physicians].

    “The moderator told me that he didn’t have enough time to get into foreign affairs but, throughout, he was fair/balanced [with everyone adhering to the 2-minute rule].

    htt p://ww

  7. Boyle is a petulant child. His entire campaign is based on his whining about how his opponents are richer than he is. There’s a difference between deciding what is “fair” tax policy and openly encouraging people to harbor resentment for others just because they’re wealthy. You don’t build people up by tearing others down.

  8. If you had anything meaningful or worthwhile to contribute, I am sure you would use your real name. True courage means not hiding personal attacks behind fake names or pseudonyms. Grow up, Philly ‘Progressive’.

  9. Wonder if any of this Harvard classmates have contributed to his campaign? My guess not since they might be millionaires.

  10. Wait, why hasn’t John Sullivan posted here to talk about how Boyle is his life-mentor and the living embodiment of all that is good in the world?

    John Sullivan, I hope you chime in on this post to tell us about how all the other candidates in the race pale in comparison to the shining light that is Brendan Boyle. How we are all blessed just to bask in His light. How — if only this world were not so cruel — you would be able to spend every moment in His presence.

    Thank you John Sullivan for all of your insights into this race. I look forward to your next bit of wisdom to appear on the pages of PoliticsPA.

  11. Soooo, let me get this straight. Boyle throws a hissy fit and ditches a debate because it is “unfair” THEN holds his own rally while everyone else, even Marj, attends, and he gets positive press for this? His WHOLE campaign right now seems to be “everyone is being a meanie” and “look at how rich they are” even though Daylin grew up in foster homes, Dr. Arkoosh worked hard to get where she is at, and Marj – well, Marj has no money which is why she needs to get into Congress. This is ridiculous. Stick a fork in this guy.

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