PA-13: Boyle Says Biden Will Run for President

Boyle BidenJoe Biden has been on the verge of declaring whether or not he’ll run for President for quite awhile now.

Today, though, Leigh Ann Caldwell and Kristen Welker of NBC News are reporting that the Vice President may make his decision in the next 48 hours.

Not long after that, freshman Democratic Congressman Brendan Boyle posted this tweet.

PoliticsPA reached out to the Congressman but have yet to receive a response.

The first filing deadline for the 2016 primaries is in Alabama on November 6th. New Hampshire, which is the nation’s first primary state, has set its filing deadline for November 20th.

15 Responses

  1. flynnbw says:
    October 20, 2015 at 10:04 am
    Irish mafia …

    would have trouble naming the 32 counties of Ireland, two muppets

  2. How’s that prediction working out for you loser Boyle? Get a life and a clue before pretending you’re in the in crowd! Pathetic!

  3. Unknown –

    Kane’s law license will be suspended. She’s still AG.

    More comes out each day about the corruption of the Benghazi committee. The Trey Gowdy, of the committee, is intimately tied to an anti-Hillary super PAC.

  4. Diano: Kane’s will be stripped of her power on Thursday. Coincidentally, that is the same day that Hillary Clinton will be confronted with some (hitherto undisclosed) details concerning her tenure as Secretary of State. Pivotal day in many respects. More pivotal than any politicos realize…

  5. Given Hillary’s debate performance, there is less, little, no interest in Biden running. The argument for him running evaporated last Tuesday.

    He hasn’t prepared, and just seems to be floating trial balloons (over and over again) without any new demand for his candidacy. Running would be a foolish move on his part.

    Rob McCord’s cellmate-

    Please do NOT associate me with AKS. But, maybe we can get AKS to notarize the petitions for the GOP candidates.




    bobguzzardi knows as much about Dem politics as Jim Parsons and his character Sheldon Cooper know about vaginas.

  6. bobguzzardi, you have so little credibility that your “vouching” for Doyle is simply laughable. Next time you think about commenting, don’t.

  7. Brendan Boyle is a Righteous Democrat; he is a Union Democrat, and not a supercilious liberal elitist. I have met him and I think his information has validity. Let us see.

  8. Biden runs against Hillary and Kevin Boyle runs against Sabatina. Yeah that sounds about right considering they supported the Republican in the 170th. What a bunch of tools all three of them.

  9. If Biden were going to leak that he was running for President, I’m sure he’d do it through a freshman Congressman. /s

  10. Good news for Bernie Sanders, bad news for Hillary, and in my opinion a very bad mistake by Biden.

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