PA-13: Boyle to Vote ‘No’ on Iran Deal

Brendan-Boyle-2013As the House prepares to vote on Pres. Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran, they can count on a ‘no’ from at least one PA Congressman.

On Sunday, freshman Rep. Brendan Boyle published an editorial in the Philadelphia Inquirer to announce that he would not support the agreement. Boyle argued that approving the Iran deal would increase the likelihood of war in the Middle East.

The proposed deal would require Iran to surrender its centrifuges and 97% of its uranium stock. Iran would also be mandated to limit their uranium enrichment capacities and submit to inspections of its nuclear facilities.

If Iran accepts and abides by the terms of the agreement, they will be freed from economic sanctions.

Rep. Boyle, who sits on the House Foreign Affairs Committee and the Middle East and North Africa Subcommittee, critiqued three aspects of the proposed deal: the consequences of lifting sanctions, the restrictive grounds for inspection, and the 15-year expiration date.

Boyle contends that the deal would inject at least $56 billion into the Iranian regime, ”enabling them to fund terror in the Middle East.” The sum Boyle refers to is the money that would enter the Iranian economy after sanctions are lifted.

He also argued that the terms for inspections were too restrictive, since foreign parties would be required to give Iran 24 days of notice before conducting a search of nuclear facilities. (Boyle has already expressed skepticism about the inspections, asking Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz to defend the 24-day grace period in a July briefing.) Finally, he expressed concern that Iran could violate all terms of the deal after it expires in 15 years.

“We would be better off with no deal,” Boyle wrote, responding to lawmakers who say that an imperfect agreement is better than nothing. “[No deal] would ensure that Iran does not get $56 billion it can use to funnel to Hamas and Hezbollah. While some of the international sanctions would fray if the deal were rejected (especially those from Russia and China), our sanctions would remain. I would much prefer the imperfect status quo over a post-agreement world in which Iran is flush with cash for its terror proxies and free to develop a full-fledged nuclear program in merely 15 years.”

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  1. Good job Brendan. Bob Casey has now shown he put more thought into this than you have. You got swayed by AIPAC. Casey actually analyzed this. We’ll at least you look pretty and graduated from Notre Dame. 😛

  2. I am a Jewish constituent of Congressman, Boyle. I am very disappointed that he has declared himself a no vote on the Iran deal, I think he is simply mistaken in his reasoning. Both the nuclear physicists (who have actually built nuclear weapons at Los Alamos and Oak Ridge) and the leading lawmakers (Nunn, Lugar) who have actually negotiated nuclear draw down agreements have sent letters to Obama about the deal. As far as they are concerned, this is an overall good deal. The inspection regime is one of the strictest in history. And postponing Iran nuclear weapon capability by 15 years is a whole lot better than zero, The IDF just put out a threat analysis that essentially takes Iranian nuclear weapons off the table (as a threat to Israel) as a result of this deal.

    An equally likely result to the lifting of sanctions (which can’t happen until the agreement is implemented and verified anyhow). is the broadening of economic relations between the US and Iran–the best way to prevent a war. And with no deal, Iran gets a very large proportion of sanctions lifted in return for….no change at all in their nuclear programme. I would rather the United States engage with Iran than Saudi Arabia anyways (remember where the 9/11 bombers came from?)

  3. Not even 1 year in Congress and your a genius in foreign policy. What did you read a book?? How do the other Congressman put up with you. Vote this little boy out. I heard when he’s out of line in session the put him in a corner with a dunce cap.

  4. I’m sorry Mr Boyle you are a total moron to make public announcement like this without even serving in our armed forces. I served like my father in the USMC. My brother was in the Army for 8 years. My sister in law is still serving and is over seas still fighting for your freedom. While u sit here and play Monday morning quaterback in your cozy house. There are people in need to be protected. This war is not over. You absolutely have no idea what it is like to wear a uniform, but you want to make decisions for us. It makes me sick. Please let the men and women in uniform make the big decision. You look like you just hit puberty. Totally discussed. How did u get voted in

  5. I’m sorry Mr Boyle you are a total moron to make public announcement like this without even serving in our armed forces. I served like my father in the USMC. My brother was in the Army for 8 years. My sister in law is still serving and is over seas still fighting for your freedom. While u sit here and play Monday morning quaterback in your cozy house. There are people in need to be protected. This war is not over. You absolutely have no idea what it is like to wear a uniform, but you want to make decisions for us. It makes me sick. Please let the men and women in uniform make the big decision. You look like you just hit puberty. Totally discussed. How did u get voted in

  6. Steve, get real. You aren’t “coming out” either. Philly.Com has some of the worst racists and poor haters known to mankind.

    What’s wrong with calling a conservative Democrat out on his crap? We should all just accept it cause he’s a good looking Irish Catholic Boy who graduated from Notre Lame? Ok, sounds good to me.

  7. When will Politics PA get smart and either banish comments altogether or at least require some kind of real verification? ANYTHING to clean up the cesspool of fake profiles created by political patrons, sycophants and hacks that rear their ugly heads anytime names like Sestak, Kane or Boyle pop up? This garbage actually makes look civilized by comparison.

  8. @Lucy, I just love how the right wing GOP and conservative Democrats think they speak for all Jewish voters on Mideast policy and Catholic voters on birth control. Here’s a hint…. YOU DON’T!

    Make no mistake. Brendan is true to his word on unions. Thats it. But abortion rights, selling teachers unions to hedge fund managers (wait….. thought labor was his MO??? No?), and now foreign policy, he’s as every bit conservative as they come. Too much selling out and flip flopping for me.

    13th District voted 2 to 1 for Obama. Time for him to go! Some conservatives may think with Daylin Leach as candidate, you could throw up a John Taylor or Tom Murt. Try it. I double dog dare ya!

  9. Someone call a women’s group on how both Boyle’s covered up there Chief of Staff being a women beater. Restraining Orders and Court Documents don’t lie????

  10. This is a slap in the face for me. I was a big Boyle supporter until this. I am 27 young Jewish female teacher that lives in Somerton. I am very disappointed and I think the large Jewish community will be to that you represent . He will probably flip flop his decision like he did his pro choice statement.

  11. NORTHEAST PHILLY PROUD NICE TO SEE U BACK glad u got past ur PFA and public urination charge from NJ.

  12. The 13th had the chance to vote for any number of qualified candidates, who have better backgrounds in diplomacy, business, or following the wishes of their Democratic constituents. Instead they elected the party bigwigs choice. He is not responsive to the suburban part of his district.

    Unfortunately, my 7th district representative is no better. But he has an excuse. He is a Republican

  13. The “deal” is worthless and the Atatolllahs are laughing at us. They are going to inspect themselves after we give them 150 Billion to fund terrorists and have the label “terrorism” removed from their name. Gosh, we should abolish the IRS and self-monitor our own tax returns. The IBMs are for us as they sure as hell don’t need them for Israel. They are still screeching death to US and death to Israel. And they still have our prisoners.

  14. His rationale is completely baseless and illogical. I expected better from him. He’s clearly a reactionary that real Dems and progressive can’t trust. I’m done with him. Get him out…

  15. As for Boyle having a bulletproof vest, just look at the damage Jim Kenney did to Anthony Hardy Williams on his taking $$$ from American Cities PAC. It can be done and it goes right at Boyle’s labor wheelhouse.

  16. @NortheastPhillyProud, I haven’t even met Sabatina. I’m just calling a ConservaDem out on his crap. Last time there were 3 Montco candidates dividing up the rest of the vote. I’ll admit the only way to defeat Brendan is a a solo candidate who can laser focus on a few issues he turncoats on. This is a guy who can be bought by hedge fund managers and now AIPAC. I have a problem with that.

  17. I am thoroughly amused that the Boyle haters in the Sabatina slime faction spend so much time creating false aliases and posting over and over again. Hmmm one makes me think you’ve bitten off more than you can chew and are scared little pups at present. (Those living in glass houses shouldn’t be throwing stones.) Maybe rather than posting anonymous libelous hate you should check the pulse of the community on this deal…..In regards to the 13th numbers don’t lie. Good luck cutting into Brendan’s support base. The 170th and 172nd districts new and old under redistricting constitute nearly half the 26k votes Philly produced in the 2014 primary. You really think high turnout Somerton, Fox Chase and Mayfair are going to not vote for Brendan after he and Kevin being their hardworking and intelligent rep for 6 to 12 years!?!? Outside of 170 and 172 you think places like Chalfont, Milbrook, Holme Circle won’t stick with the choice of the building trades and emergency responders!? More southerly you don’t think Olney residents in 61 and 42 won’t stick with the guy who grew up there, went to all the neighborhood schools and has a district office!?!? 69% in the city happened because Brendan was the person whose background related to everyone. In regards to Montco Brendan is doing very well. Like the Boyles were underestimated in the city in 2013-14 you are doing likewise there now.

  18. Alan Oslick, you know you are taking the position of Iranian Shiite hardliners right? Bibi wants a war with our resources. The GOP and some turncoat Dems want to give it to him. Sheldon Adelson wants war too. They know that’s the alternative.

    Without the deal Russia and China can supply Iran with nukes anyway. Why would Iran cut off their European financial gravy train? And while the Iranian people went about 1979 wrong, they definitely are well in their rights to be pissed at us and Isreal for 1953 when the CIA overthrew their Democratically elected goverment. The only reason to support Boyle’s position is obvious war mongering or simply hatred for Obama. And Brendan cowered to AIPAC over our best interests. That’s not leadership.

  19. Congratulations to my Congressman, Rep. Boyle, for opposing the present Iranian deal.

    May I just note that the deal has a worthless inspection process. Besides the long delays Iran can invoke before opening “civilian” nuclear installation to inspection, four of the P5+1 group have to call for an inspection. With a voting bloc including Iran itself, Russia, and China, and Europeans tripping over themselves to do business with Iran — the UK reopening its embassy — it is unclear if the US could even find support to request a site inspection. And of course, “military” nuclear sites are off the table, no inspections at all.

    As for those commenting who impugn the character of the good Representative, may those who may well be living in glass homes be careful of throwing stones.

  20. Mr. Boyle ur vote of no is clearly a death blow for Jews. We have supported you for years vote no and u loss my vote!

  21. I find the article deficient in not identifying Boyle as GOP or Dem. That would explain whether he’s an idiot or just a Republican who votes against anything Obama does.

  22. This is stupidity itself. Boyle’s signed his political death warrant here. How did this clown end up on Foreign Affairs? Oh, yeah, he just took up the seat from the last clown who sat there from the 13th District with no expertise or interest in or even basic knowledge of foreign affairs. What a sad joke.

  23. @ DavidDiano Concerning Philadelphia politics the usual math and common sense don’t apply. The dynamics are different now. Most of the NE ward leaders supported him for one reason TO GET HIM OUT OF NE PHILLY! His ground game is lame. The six ward leaders that supported him before will now show him who’s boss they would and will unite against him with labor support from Local 19 , the Teamsters, plumbers and every other Johnny Doc hating group. If it’s Leach v Boyle he loses easily.

  24. Here would be my startegy:

    1. Pound Boyle on American Cities Contributions along with Iran vote. The Orthodox Jews are largely Republican anyway.

    2. Daylin Leach should actually be more agressive on cannabis legalization policy. Would attract younger voters and Boyle’s base voters are more conservative anyway.

    3. “Boyle stabbed Obama in the back.” Would work wonders in a Leach campaign.

    If given the right climate, you could leave Boyle with Reagan Democrats who forgot to switch parties and Leach gets everyone else!

  25. Whistleblower-

    You think Leach can win a 2-man race against the entrenched Boyle, when Leach doesn’t even live in the district?

    The Boyles have a Philly network and ground-game that would be harder to overcome with a non-Philly candidate. The breakdowns of the votes indicated that each candidate had support only in there local sphere of influence, and weakened considerably away from it.

    To beat Boyle, you’d need a candidates with Leach’s politics, but with strong support/recognition/game in Boyle’s backyard.

    I don’t have a suggestion for a likely candidate.

  26. @curiousjorge You don’t even need a 3rd City candidate. Brings up my voting by ethnicity/turf/religion point I made before. One candidate (Leach) with progressives united and Boyle properly exposed unlike 2014, Boyle is toast.

    Why did NO ONE, including Leach bring up Boyle’s American Cities PAC Contributions in 2014? You could EASILY paint him as anti-union on that which is his wheelhouse that rode him into office. The whole “I’m a good Irish Catholic Notre Dame grad” crap only goes so far. It works on about 25% of the Democratic elecitrate primarily in Northeast Philly. Leach vs Boyle could be 65-35 Leach if Leach runs solo and he hits the right message.

  27. If Leach were to run against Boyle again, with a strong third candidate from the city, Boyle would lose. I also heard that the brother has started campaigning for the fifth district senate seat. Will he run for two seats like his “big” brother did ? These two are starting to bite off more than they can chew. I guess they moved out of Olney because of landlords like Brendan. Hard to believe that topic has been around since Taubenberger’s kid ran against him, and it still picks up little traction.

  28. I am a constituent living in Cheltenham Township and a Jew and I think you are so so wrong in your position on Iran. By not signing the treaty now we will be giving Iran 15 years with no supervision to build the bomb to destroy Israel.


  29. Brendan made the right vote on TPP. Still not better than Leach. Schwartz was far from perfect. Schwartz would not sellout public school teachers to Main Line Republican hedge fund managers like American Cities.

    PA 13 Democrats do not have to cater to conservatives on foreign policy, guns, choice or education like they do in rural districts. Brendan should be a primary target regardless.

  30. I don’t think Allyson and Brendan are really voting any different from one another. She always took the pro-Israel position too. The only difference between his votes this year and hers would’ve been the trade vote (he voted against fast track; she was for it).

  31. Breakdown of the vote:

    Winner: Oh.. just ignore half my socially conservative positions, selling teachers to Republican Main Line hedge fund managers and whoring myself to AIPAC. I’m a good Irish Catholic Boy who graduated from Notre Dame. Vote for me!

    2nd: I’m a corporate shill who has fundraisers in Manhattan Penhoutses. But it’s ok. I’m a Clinton in law and served decades ago. Just let me know when I’m coronated by the Baroness.

    3rd: Egotistical “outsider” with no business in politics.

    4th: The right candidate.

  32. I’ll admit Margolies would suck 1000X worse than Boyle. Leach was the best candidate in the 2014 primary by miles. Problem is too many voters buy into looks, who their Ward leader wants, who Brady or Doc wants, etc. That’s why the majority of the vote went to 2 dysfunctional candidates. From a national perspective it’s embarrassing.

  33. @ Observer. Your clueless when it comes to Philadelphia. Brady hates the Boyles. They are Dougherty minions. Dougherty and Brady can’t stand each other.

  34. Bobby Brady’s little servant boy is a gutless wonder, isn’t he? Great thanks to Val Arkoosh and her ego for blocking Daylin from this seat. What an ambitious airhead…

  35. Leach v Boyle. Leach by 10 pts!! Ask any ward leader in NE philly who they will support after the Boyle brothers helped a Republican win a House seat. And as of last week Kevin Boyle running around dropping lit to run for the Senate against Sabatina. Leach wins easily. Anyone know how Montco feels ?

  36. Also, key is have a clear field for a true progessive Democrat to challenge Boyle. Can’t have a shit sandwich of Democrats splitting the field like last time.

  37. Can we have a real Democrat run for PA 13 in 2016 instead of Republican Warmongerer Lite masquerading as a Dem? My pick is Daylin Leach. District voted 2 to 1 for Obama and is Cook D+13. We dont need to put up with this crap for electability. A fair number of the Reagan Democrats have long switched parties and primaries are closed.Thoughts?

  38. Good for him. Good to know that for some, the safety and security of the country is more important than politics.

  39. This is truly a profile in political cowardice. I generally like Boyle, but this is a really disappointing lack of leadership and shortsightedness to appeal to the AIPAC donors.

  40. So this slum landlord Congressman who owns 27 row houses and had them designated Section 8 then transferred them to his wife’s name wants to roll the dice with IRAN! VOTE NO on BOYLE.

  41. Boyle forgets that the Iran got this far with nuclear ambitions because we can’t inspect. When the other sanctions collapse, Iran will have both money and free reign to pursue nuclear weapons.

    With the deal, the lose the uranium they have already refined and inspections would prevent future refinement.

    Bad move.

  42. This isn’t surprising. Boyle’s District is filled with Department of Defense contractors who can only profit when we go to war or encourage other countries to go to war. So his constituents need war-lots of Congressmen are int his boat-so sad though that because his district has no financial interest in peace…he will oppose any deals that could both bring about peace and regional stability.

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