PA-13: Candidates Spend Big in April

Money-bagWith the primary fast approaching, the candidates in PA-13 are spending big in preparation for a highly contested race.

Now that the April numbers are in, it is clear that television ads will play a large role in who comes out on top come May 20th.

Marjorie Margolies

Former Congresswoman Marjorie Margolies raised a respectable $93,334 in the month of April, making a strong push to win back the seat that she filled from 1993 to 1995. She did spend more than she took in, however — $101,674.65 to be exact — but she still has $151,448.76 of cash on hand.

Margolies received donations from former Governor Ed Rendell, totaling $1,000, as well as from prominent Democratic campaign worker Joe Trippi, which totaled $1,500. Margolies also received $1,000 from a former White House Counsel under President Bill Clinton, Attorney Bernard W. Nussbaum.

Most of Margolies expenses went to consulting firms. She also spent $8,700 for voting contact services through Jones & Associates, and $3,000 on photography. Trippi also received $3,500 from Margolies for his help on her campaign.

Brendan Boyle

State Rep. Brendan Boyle (D-Philadelphia) had the least impressive April of all the candidates in PA-13; he was only able to raise $34,808. But that did not stop him from spending. Boyle’s expenditures totaled $252,064, which adds up to a very lopsided burn rate. However, the state Rep. still has plenty of funds on hand — $180,981.

Notable contributions to Boyle’s campaign include the American Bankers Association PAC who donated $5,000 to his campaign, and the Philadelphia Federal Credit Union PAC who gifted Boyle $1,500.

Meanwhile, the candidate gave $60,000 to his campaign through contributions and reimbursements. He also pitched in an additional $40,000 on May 7th.

Most of Boyle’s expenses came from a large media buy that cost him $173,212. Boyle also paid Kennedy Communications $68,256 for their services.

Daylin Leach

State Senator Daylin Leach wins for the best fundraising in the month of April. Leach took in $96,791, which beat out all of his opponents. Leach did spend quite a lot, however, but with the primary fast approaching, it’s now or never. Leach spent $468,202 and still sports a solid $278,591 of cash on hand.

Leach received $5,000 from the progressive advocacy group, and he also received that same amount from the National Education Association. Leach also received support from his colleagues; State Senator Jay Costa gave $1,000 and State Rep. Mary Jo Daley did that same.

Leach’s expenditures came almost solely from his large advertisement buy, which involved spending a whopping $310,106 to Buying Time LLC. A little under $100K also went to consulting and field work.

It should also be mentioned that, in addition to a $38,700 donation in April, Leach gave $250,000 of his own money to his campaign on May 6th.

Val Arkoosh

Physician Val Arkoosh continues to lead the pact in the PA-13 race in regards to campaign funds. Arkoosh raised $772,716 in the month of April, but $700,000 came from a personal loan — so lucky for Leach, he still keeps the title of best fundraiser. Arkoosh has spent the most money, an impressive $1,030,069 spent, and she still has plenty of money to work with — exactly $430,178.

Arkoosh’s background as a physician shows in her campaign supporters. The American Psychiatric Association PAC gave her $1,000, the American College of Cardiology PAC gifted her $2,500, and the American Academy of Neurology BRAINPAC sent $1,000 her way to help fund her campaign.

Like Leach and Boyle, most of Arkoosh’s expenses are tied to an ad buy; she spent $413,000 for television ads courtesy of Adelstein Liston. In addition, Arkoosh spent $75,058 on strategy.

As PA-13 is a heavily Democratic district, the nominee should be the heavy favorite come November.

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  1. Leach and Arkoosh really need to release several years of tax returns if they are going to transfer that type of money to their campaigns. It is the only transparent course of action to allow people to see the ultimate source of the money transferred to the campaign. Brendan Boyle has already released his tax returns without qualms.

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