PA-13: Daily Kos Endorses Leach

Daily Kos, leading progressive blog in the country, endorsed State Senator Daylin Leach in the primary for the 13th Congressional District.

daylin leach

“This primary gives us the chance to bring one more stalwart progressive to Capitol Hill—a true leader. Leach has a strong and lengthy track record of not just supporting progressive principles but leading the fight for change,” Said Joan McCarter, writing for the progressive organization in their endorsement Wednesday afternoon.

“I am thrilled to have the endorsement of the Daily Kos community. In Congress, I promise to continue my commitment to meaningful change and the Progressive movement, and make everyone in the Kos community proud.” Leach responded.

But Daily Kos didn’t stop at lauding Leach’s accomplishments in state government; they also explained why they couldn’t endorse his opponents. They stated that State Rep. Brendan Boyle is “the only anti-choice candidate in the primary” and former Rep. Marjorie Margolies “who’s described herself as a ‘centrist.'” There were no shots for first-time candidate Val Arkoosh, who is also running for the Democratic nomination.

Leach has had great success in rallying progressive support and has racked up endorsements from, Democracy for America, Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC), Blue America PAC, The Network for Public Education, Progressive Kick, Progressive Majority, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

6 Responses

  1. Ron – Simply not true. Boyle is Pro-Choice. Your obsession of with his efforts to make abortions safer for woman is baffling. Leach’s hate speech towards woman is a much clearer indictment of how these candidates view the woman of the 13th.

  2. Boyle is anti-choice and a puppet of ALEC. He should not be a Democrat any longer. Now that the public knows what he really is…….he owes us an explanation.

  3. I am surprised the KOS endorsed someone with a long history of hate speech towards woman and minorities

  4. Come on Bill D: 1) “Not a Bernie Sanders or an Elizabeth Warren?” Bernie Sanders has endorsed him, as has the campaign organization that brought Elizabeth Warren to the forefront of various economic and social issues. 2) “Egotistical bully?” Known him for years now, don’t see it. Neither do the more than 6,000 Facebook friends on each of his pages. 3) “Runs on issues that rank very low on people’s list of worries?” Disproven by two easy examples such as: A) ensuring and enhancing Social Security and B) running as a strongly Pro-Choice candidate, unlike Brendan Boyle who married himself to right-wing Republicans and ALEC acolytes by co-sponsoring enacted legislation that closed women’s health centers. Daylin was also defended voter rights on the Statehouse floor and in public when Voter ID was attempted. Can’t say the same for Boyle, whose hometown would have been severely affected! 4) “Amateur comedian?” Well, he got paid doing it (which makes you wrong) and is humorous enough to not only get Al Franken to laugh, but also, the hometown campaign audience that Boyle turned his back on. 5) “Blog?” Now you’re really reaching, this was addressed and closed years ago in the mass media. Now, let’s hear back from you on Boyle’s anti-woman legislation and his absence on protecting the right to vote when Voter ID was in the fore. Thanks.

  5. Leach is not the next Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren. He is an egotistical bully who runs on issues that rank very low on people’s list of worries. He prides himself on being an amateur comedian and tried to blog his political life twice, both times with results that if more people knew about them, they would choke on their dinner. Sexist, racist crap, anti-Muslim, borderline perverse weirdness.

  6. The daily LIE aka KOS is nothing more than a Soros hate machine.

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