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PA-13: Leach Hammers Boyle on Abortion in New Ad (VIDEO)

Another day, another attack in the race for the Democratic nomination in Pennsylvania’s 13th congressional district.

This time State Sen. Daylin Leach is hitting State Rep. Brendan Boyle on votes that he believes reveal Boyle to be against a woman’s right to choose.

The commercial features several women questioning Boyle’s bona fides on the issue.

“Somebody doesn’t believe in a woman’s right to choose: Brendan Boyle,” they state.

The women in the spot back up this claim by citing Boyle’s sponsorship of HB 1314 and his vote for SB 372. They also cite an April 2nd article from Keystone Politics last month that reported that the organization “Democrats for Life of Americalisted Boyle as a “Pro-life All-Star” in 2004.

“We need someone who’s for women’s rights: Daylin Leach,” the women state. “He knows women can make their own decisions, not politicians.”

This charge has been frequently leveled at Boyle throughout this campaign by both Leach and Marjorie Margolies.

Throughout various debates, forums and interviews, Boyle has always asserted “I support Roe v. Wade”.

In their Abington debate, moderator Dave Davies aggressively questioned Boyle’s beliefs and past on this issue. In response, Boyle admitted to somewhat changing his views stating, “I don’t hold the same views at 37 that I did in my early 20’s.”

18 Responses

  1. NEphillyman – I agree that the district is more liberal than it was under Borski. However, I would disagree with your premise that only labor households support Boyle. I simply don’t see the math. MM is a tremendously flawed candidate with uncommon negatives. Leach has little name id unless you are like us and follow blogs and politics intensely and for that matter, Arkoosh has zero name ID. I am voting for Boyle, but I like Arkoosh as well. At this point in the race it will either be MM or Boyle. God help us if we get stuck her

  2. Lifelong 13th you are wrong on the Democratic base. It is MUCH more liberal than it was during the Bob Borski era. This ad will actually be somewhat effective IMO especially in Montco. The union guys will go for Boyle but that’s it. Many of the Reagan – Rizzo Democrats who split their vote and voted for Borski back in the day have long died or switched to the Republican party. Boyle’s only chance is a nasty split with Arkoosh and Leach. If one drops out and supports the other, Brendan is toast.

  3. @Philly Progressive: I was thinking that the best name would be PhillyProgressivites since you now have seen the light. 😉


    You make a great point: Brendan Boyle’s joint tax returns with his wife show a higher income than most of the professions you cited. Of course we can confirm this because Boyle released his tax returns.

    You may or may like some of his positions, but he meets the basic requirement for a public servant (i.e., financial transparency). Daylin Leach and Valerie Arkoosh should not run for Congress if they can’t meet this basic requirement. Too much risk exists to elect someone who refuses financial transparency.

  4. Who is advising Arkoosh and Leach?! Attack the white catholic guy from Northeast Philly on abortion. His Democratic base in Northeast Philly is split on abortion and of those who support choice, they do not vote on this issue. Also, saying Boyle opposes a women’s right to chose because he supported a bill to close down Gosnell clinics is somewhat misleading. That said, it doesn’t matter because the Boyle voters were never voting on this issue. Keep throwing your money away Daylin and Val! I guess that’s what happens when people who have never been involved in Northeast Philly try to represent us.

  5. Boyle is in bed with ALEC—the right-wing, corporate group that backs Republicans and Boyle is anti-choice. These are facts. I could never vote for this right-wing Democrat, who should have switched parties long ago. How does any union square supporting an ALEC politician with their goals as a union? Another reason unions are going out of existence, one supposes. They can’t see the big picture. Unions need to read up on ALEC, the Koch Brothers, etc. Reminds me of the book What’s the Matter With Kansas? Duh.

  6. Hey Lucy Richardson! Thanks for joining our cause. We are still waiting to hear from John Sullivan on our name, but I’m leaning toward Brendanologysts.

    Like, you, I’m Catholic, and I am also sick and tired of these Leach supporters and their subtle jabs at Brendan Boyle’s Catholicism.

  7. Again with tax returns. Romney was a different story – was he sheltering money off shore, etc. Boyle just wants to hit people who are richer yes, but he isn’t some lowly, poor public servant. He has money. As much as others? No. But get out of here with that 99% garbage. Boyle is not in the same financial category as cops, teachers, fire fighters, janitors, workers, etc. He’s money shaming and it’s ridiculous.

  8. Philly Progressive – While we may differ on who we vote for, aside from being a progressive and pro-choice, I am also a Catholic. It seems that Leach and his supporters continually make jest or subtle jabs at Boyle’s Catholicism. It really is a shame.

  9. Hey John Sullivan!

    I’m definitely with you now! Do you think that Brendan Boyle will ascend to President one day? Or maybe Pope? Or is there something higher?

    I am personally grateful that Brendan Boyle has chosen a life of public service. Everything is good now that he’s a State Rep, and with him as our Congressman, it will be even better!

    You have shown me the light. Together we will spread to gospel of Brendan.

    One last question… Should we call ourselves Brendanologysts? Or maybe Boyleites? I’ll let you pick the name.

  10. Valerie Arkoosh issued a mailer on this topic, and now we have this attack ad from Daylin Leach. Seems to me that Brendan Boyle is ahead of them in their internal polls. They haven’t had much traction in NE Philly, and they need something to obfuscate the real issue in the campaign – the economy. This is Boyle’s strong point and their weak point.

    I wonder whether Leach and Arkoosh are going to ever release five years of tax returns. The last big name to delay on such a matter until the very end of the campaign was Mitt Romney. Some have called Boyle a Republican, but it seems that Leach and Arkoosh are following in the footsteps of the Republican Mitt Romney.

    If Leach and Arkoosh can’t release their tax returns, we really can’t trust them to do what is right for the 99%.

  11. It’s a 4-way race. Boyle is not necessarily in the lead for Leach to raise the issue as some claim; Leach has the television money that MM does not and that VA is spending differently. Boyle’s anti-choice status is a big issue and televising it educates voters about where Boyle’s anti-choice and health acces stands are and have continued to be, even recently. If Mr. Boyle didn’t hold these women-restricting views and votes, Daylin Leach would not have the power to televise them!

  12. David – Good point, Leach must have Boyle ahead in his internal polls

  13. We haven’t had any official polling in the race, but methinks that internal polling is driving the negative attacks.

    Front runners don’t need to go negative.

    (that’s the way it’s been with the Gov race this week, and the 13th seems to be following a similar pattern)

  14. The Leach campaign has consistently made strategic mistakes this campaign. I am surprised at how is lacks the ability to see the big picture.

  15. Aside from locking up the pro-life vote for Boyle, how does this ad change the race?

  16. Leach has got to be furious that Dr. Arkoosh is in the race. He’d be running away with it otherwise. I don’t see much overlap between his voters and Boyle’s though, so this attack doesn’t make too much sense to me.

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