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PA-13: Leach Picks Up Over $300K In First Quarter

leach exclusivePA-13 candidate and State Senator Daylin Leach reported raising $335,399 for the first quarter of 2014, with a total of $659,817 cash on hand.

He has $577,392 available to spend in the primary.

“Daylin is exceptionally proud of the grassroots contributors who put their faith in our campaign,” said Aren Platt, Leach’s Campaign Manager. “Since we started running for Congress a little more than a year ago, we’ve received contributions from 4,793 individual donors from all 50 states. These are people who support Daylin’s message of closing the gap between the rich and everyone else, making the wealthiest Americans pay their fair share, protecting a women’s right to chose, and protecting and expanding Social Security.”

Not to mention that this first quarter saw Leach pass the $1 million mark for money raised.

“Additionally, this past quarter, our average contribution was less than $105,” Platt added. “This is a real contrast with our opponent who is hosting a $5,000 per-person fundraiser. Her campaign seems to be run by and for the 1% as opposed to the thousands of Daylin supporters who our opponent would turned away at the door from her events.”

Along with his numerous grassroots donors, Democrat Leach also has several national endorsements, including Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT),, Democracy for America and former PA gubernatorial candidate John Hanger.

Compared to his numbers from Q4, Leach has made quite the improvement in fundraising. At that time, he was third in cash raised with $170K. He had $481,197 on hand after spending $65,994 during the fourth quarter. At that time, he was recorded as contributing $22,700 to his own campaign.

Leach is one of four candidates running for Rep. Allyson Schwartz’s vacated seat along with former Congresswoman Marjorie Margolies, physician Val Arkoosh and State Rep. Brendan Boyle.


2 Responses

  1. Let’s play a little JEOPARDY…
    Answer: A twice elected state row officer with ZERO legislative and executive experience, who is arrogant and has an ego problem…
    Who is Tom Corbett? wait, no, no… Rob McCord?… Both?
    Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results… Why replace one bad thing for another? It’s time for a revolution in Pennsylvania government. Let’s elect someone who doesn’t have the resume of Tom McCord, I mean, Rob Corbett, I mean… Ugh. Well you know. Rob McCord is Tom Corbett 2.0, just another arrogant, self-serving politician.
    It’s time for Rob McCord to withdraw from the race and go back to the job taxpayers elected him to do.
    Did I mention Rob McCord outsourced PA jobs to India when he was in the private sector?

  2. Even at $5,000 a head, only about half of that can go toward the primary, due to campaign limits.

    Though for Bill Clinton, I suspect that’s par for the course for a fundraiser. At that price, participants probably get a picture with Clinton as well.

    Considering what sounded like a disastrous debate performance, I don’t think the money will do Margolies much good.

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