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PA-13: Margolies Gains Shapiro’s Endorsement

Marjorie-Margolies-MezvinskyChairman of the Montgomery County Commissioners Josh Shapiro announced today his endorsement of Democratic candidate Marjorie Margolies in her bid for Congress.

“We need more people in government with the courage of their convictions who can rise above the small politics of the moment and stand up and fight for what they believe in,” Shapiro said. “Marjorie has demonstrated that she is that type of leader and it is why I am proud to stand with her as she tries to stand up for us in Washington.”

Shapiro also said that he believes Margolies’ relationships and experiences will be “an invaluable asset” for those in the 13th District.

He had originally attended a fundraiser of hers back in early February, along with former PA Governor Ed Rendell. Shapiro, though, had yet to make an official endorsement announcement until now.

In response to his support, Margolies said, “This is a very big day for my campaign and for me personally. Josh was one of the first calls I made when I entered this race. I told him that I would try to work hard every day to be the kind of candidate he would be proud to endorse. I pledge to continue to earn his support as we move toward Election Day.”

Margolies has received endorsements on both the national and local level. Locally, she has support from State Sen. LeAnna Washington, State Rep. Madeleine Dean, Shapiro, State Sen. Shirley Kitchen and City Councilwomen Cindy Bass, Jannie Blackwell and Blondell Reynolds-Brown, among others. Nationally, Margolies has, among others, Democratic Whip Steny H. Hoyer (D-MD), Congressman Sanford Bishop Jr. (D-GA) and Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) in her corner.

Other Democratic opponents in PA 13 include physician Val Arkoosh, State Rep. Brendan Boyle and State Senator Daylin Leach.

11 Responses

  1. Fixed her Home I Meant and Marge Filed Suit against the Airline after something fell on her Head that seems like just one more scam from the Mezvinskys I don’t understand How Chelsea Clinton could marry someone who’s Father has such a Bad name

  2. Josh is a Big Nobody His biggest support in the Press died this year . Marjorie benefited from the Crimes of her Husband Her Husband the Old Congressman from Iowa was in Club Fed for several years . The Working people who fixed her Hoe after the Fire were stiffed by The Mezvinskys . Marge Claimed she has Brain Damage after something fell on her head from an Overhead bin on a Jet Don’t we have enough Brain Damaged people in Congress

  3. Other than getting the home state of the Minority Whip of the U.S. Congress wrong, this article is pretty accurate, like mostly.

  4. Observer-
    Interesting thought about Josh having his eye on that congressional seat. His name keeps coming up on the short list of candidates for Senate.

  5. Doesn’t anyone remember she was the vote that put in then Pres Clinton taxes? She will not be an independent thinker.

  6. The story forgot to mention the endorsement from Commissioner Leslie Richards, Jury Commissioner Joanne Olszweski, and MCDC Chairman Marcel Groen. It appears to me Marjorie has a pretty big team of support.
    But nice try to the anti Marjorie people.

  7. Josh wants her there, because any of the others would last several terms, and he wants that seat vacant when his term as Commissioner is up. What an obvious Opportunist. The only ground operation Josh has is what Ed Rendell gives him – no grass root supporters of his own. It’s Unions versus Progressives in this one – and only one of those groups is gaining membership.

  8. Of course Josh is supporting Marjorie, she’d just be keeping the seat warm for him.

  9. Does this mean much in this race? I’m out west, so I’m not sure if Josh’s endorsement will swing votes for this seat. Also, who has the best ground operation going right now? I would think that would be the most important thing determining who will win the primary.

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