PA-13: Margolies Slams Boyle on Abortion

Marjorie Margolies’ campaign is launching a full offensive against Brendan Boyle and his stance on abortion.

Boyle Margolies
Margolies Campaign Mailer

Yesterday, a pro-Boyle SuperPAC premiered an ad that defended the State Rep. saying he would “protect a woman’s right to choose and he will defend Planned Parenthood.”

Today, the Margolies campaign is calling the ad “a lie to women across the 13th congressional district and an affront to anyone who cares about a woman’s right to choose.”

In response, the campaign announced the candidate will be holding a press conference tomorrow at 1:00 at the Norristown Courthouse concerning Boyle’s voting history on abortion.

“Brendan Boyle must think the women of the 13th congressional district aren’t intelligent enough to see through the lies of his SuperPAC when it comes to his ‘bad votes’ on our reproductive rights,” Margolies stated. “On May 20th, we will show Brendan Boyle we are smart enough to figure him out.”

The Marjorie 2014 campaign also unveiled a direct mail piece they are sending throughout the district that describes Boyle as “anti-choice.” Among the evidence cited against Boyle are his 2004 designation by Democrats for Life of America as a “Pro-life All-Star”, his cosponsorship of HB 1314, and a 50% rating from Planned Parenthood on reproductive rights.

Boyle has faced heavy fire from all three candidates on this issue. Last week, State Sen. Daylin Leach released an ad attacking Boyle for the same things and before that, Val Arkoosh sent out a mailer hitting Boyle for his vote for Act 22, asserting it hurt Planned Parenthood.

The silver lining for Boyle amidst all these dark clouds? If all his opponents are attacking him, it’s likely they’re doing it because they feel he is ahead or at the very least a serious threat. Last week, Chris Brennan of the Inquirer theorized that being the only candidate from Philly and strong union support would provide Boyle with a distinct advantage.

The next debate between the candidates is scheduled for May 14th.

8 Responses

  1. I don’t know about this Boyle. If this candidate is for Abortion, no vote there either. But….. I know one thing for sure. I wouldn’t vote for Margolies-Mezvinsky if she was the last candidate standing on either side of the aisle. I would write in a vote! Suffering through her last stint as congress person in the 13th district, some 20years ago, I still hear her telling her constituents via news reports, camera and print, she said that she was the boss. Well, she found out that she wasn’t the boss and got booted to the curb! She was one of the final votes in congress to give Bill Clinton the passage vote for the biggest tax hike in history at that time. So if she got voted out the first time for her antics, why would you people want to put her in again after…. wait… what is it…. 20 years to try again? Maybe because she thought people forgot about her last stint in congress. Well, Margolies Mezvinsky not everybody forgot! So, no way will she ever get my vote! Not even with the stumping of her new in-laws the Clinton family.

  2. I am a pro choice progressive woman and I think I was just called stupid for supporting Representative Brendan Boyle for Congress. I have looked at his record and he is pro choice…… He supports Roe vs Wade. He has supported woman the entire time he has been in office. I am voting for Brendan Boyle for Congress #teamboyle

  3. So, a former Democrats for Life Award Winner is now saying he now supports baby killing and will defend planned parenthood as he aspires for a higher office. Another reason I can never vote for a Democrat.

  4. Too many comments by people on the “Spin Cycle.”

    Hitting Boyle as is deserved on not being for women’s reproductive rights doesn’t mean he is in the lead.

    It’s an attempt to pull voters away and build bigger voting numbers. See also, Delco Diaspora comment which is partially correct (there are more than a few good differences between the candidates).


  5. Or they could be attacking him because his “anti-abortion” views are the only major difference candidates can use to differentiate themselves. I don’t see this as Boyle having frontrunner status

  6. In a 2 person race, no question, Boyle gets defeated on the choice issue. But if pro-choice voters (or Montgomery County voters) split their votes on the other 3, then Boyle, the only Philly candidate, the only suitable choice for anti-choice Democrats (and believe me, there are more than a few in NE Philly), then Boyle might steal this one.

  7. The Millionaires Club is getting nervous! Seems as if Boyle is surging. There is real concern that an actual working class guy may win…time for the Millionaires to attack!

  8. The key takeaway here is that Boyle is winning. If all three candidates are attacking him at once, its because they think he’s got it in the bag. I don’t see how being multiple choice on abortion hurts Boyle with his base of Northeast Philly Democrats anyway.

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