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PA-13: Montco Dems Chair Groen Backs Margolies

Marjorie Margolies
Marjorie Margolies

In the latest sign that suburban Democratic establishment is coalescing around her, Montgomery County Party Chairman Marcel Groen this week endorsed Marjorie Margolies for Congress in PA-13.

“I first met Marjorie twenty years ago when she was running for Congress. I saw in Marjorie then what I see today: a transformative leader who cares about giving a voice to those who have not traditionally had a seat at the table,” Groen said.

“Marjorie’s successful run for Congress was a watershed moment for the Democratic Party in Montgomery County jump starting our registration efforts, allowing us to win seats at the township level and, ultimately, bring Democratic leadership to the county,” Groen continued.

Margolies held the seat in the early 1990s until she lost her seat after a controversial vote on a President Bill Clinton budget. She’s now fighting to regain the seat after its current occupant, Allyson Schwartz, announced that she is running for Governor.

Thanks in part to Groen’s work and in part to redistricting, the 13th district has changed from a battleground seat to safely Democratic since Margolies served in the 1990s.

The Groen endorsement comes after Democratic Montgomery County Commissioner Leslie Richards supported Margolies last month.

“Marjorie Margolies has a proven track record and a vision for our future,” Richards said. “She is a leader who will fight to sustain our infrastructure and invest in underserved communities. She has the veteran experience to get things done.”

On Monday evening, Groen is hosting a reception to support Marjorie at his home in Jenkintown. Neither of these endorsements are a surprise as their support for Margolies had been rumored for some time.

Margolies faces State Rep. Brendan Boyle (Philadelphia), State Senator Daylin Leach (Montgomery) and physician Valerie Arkoosh for the Democratic nomination.

The last poll in the race was done by the Margolies campaign in August, and showed her in the lead of this wide field. Margolies takes 43%, followed by state Rep. Brendan Boyle (D-Phila) at 15%, state Sen. Daylin Leach (D-Montco) at 7% and physician Valerie Arkoosh at 2%. 31% were undecided.

Margolies’ last fundraising quarter exceeded her opponents, but so did her spending. The former congresswoman had an 86% burn rate and as of the last quarter, had the least cash on hand in the race.

14 Responses

  1. Is this race really competitive? I thought the conventional wisdom was that barring any big surprises, Daylin Leach was sure to win. This announcement implies that things are far less certain.

  2. The strongest Dem in Montco right now is Josh Shapiro. Let’s see if he endorses anyone, or just remains neutral.

    As for Groen, he can certain influence the outcome of a county endorsement to help his candidate, or skip having an endorsement if he fears his candidate won’t get it. Marcel is sharp and is often two steps ahead. I would take his backing of MMM as a serious boost to her odds.

  3. I don’t know how things are in the rest of the state but I am amazed (and proud) that we here in the MontCo/Philly area have 4 darn-near perfect candidates for congress (and an equally great chairman as well). MontCo works well because MontCo works together….and while most of us have our own favorite “horse” in this “race”… the end we’ll all wind up being winners.

  4. No, thank you.

    And could somebody tell me how MMM’s campaign got my email address? I’ve received a bunch of unsolicited emails touting her zombie candidacy.

  5. How, exactly does this show the establishment is coalescing?

    At the last MCDC meeting the Democratic State Committee Vice Chair Penny Gerber and former Montco commissioner Ruth Damsker were both with Daylin Leach, not to mention former congressman for the 13th, Joe Hoeffel.

  6. Amazed at the attackes on Groen, Leslie, and Marge Really???? Montgomery is the leading county in the state! Sure sign of people losing the race. Attacking your own commissioner and chairman – sad group you are. No prize. Keep supporting the women that will fight for Montgomery County – Marjorie.

  7. @Kitchen – Lol! But I don’t know – is she on Third Way’s board, too? Lotta Clintonites on there…

  8. @Observer,

    There’s a nice 65 and over center in Hatboro on York and Horsham Rds.
    In all honesty, these endorsements are nothing more than people getting ready for Hillary in 2016 or, in the case of Richards, endorsing someone connected to the Clintons to further their career in higher offices.
    But hey, if she’s collecting SS, maybe MM won’t try to gut it for a second time?

  9. Off topic: Anyone know if MM (I hear she dropped the third M after Ed’s conviction) has moved into the actual district yet? I know there are several nice Senior Communities in the area that would love to have her move in…

  10. @Ponti – Okay, your guy has taken the lead in recent years, I’ll give you that. But Groen has been awful for twenty years or more – it’ll take your guy some time to match that!

  11. @ Observer:
    “Never saw a more ineffective county chairman.” My friend, you have obviously never been to Bucks County, the chairman there isn’t worth a sack of beans and local and county results have only gone backwards since he first became chairman. Seriously, this is what you get when you visit their website:

    Under Renovation
    September 11, 2013
    Bucks County Democrats Website Is Being Renovated

  12. This seems like a political and moral mistake – I think it’s not right for a party chair with 3 candidates in his county to make an endorsement.

  13. Thanks to Groen’s work? LOLOLol… Never saw a more ineffective county chairman – well, not until Kerns, of course. Could never win the county commission race until an Obama landslide – DESPITE numerous Republican scandals over many years. This should seal the deal for MMM’s opponents – great news for Leach and Brady’s boy. Groen is still running a 1990s organization – doesn’t even know how to use email!

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