PA-13: Philly Council Prez Backs Boyle

Darrell Clarke

Darrell Clarke

Philadelphia City Council President Darrell Clarke threw his support behind Brendan Boyle in the race for Allyson Schwartz’s vacated seat.

“I am proud to support Brendan Boyle for Congress. I know he cares deeply about our city and our region. He will do a great job for us in DC. I’m excited to endorse him,” said Clarke.

Boyle, who is currently a member of the PA House of Representatives, serves in the 170th district for Northeast Philadelphia. The 13th congressional district he is vying for slightly overlaps Clarke’s 5th Philadelphia City Council District.

“This race is not just about Philadelphia, it’s not just about the 13th Congressional District. This race isn’t even about me,” Boyle said. “It’s about going to Washington to find common sense solutions to the problems that too many of our neighbors are facing.”

Most of Boyle’s biggest supporters are from Philly itself, including from party chairman and Congressman Bob Brady as well as numerous Philly-based labor unions.

This comes on the heels of Marjorie Margolies, former congresswoman and contender for the 13th district, receiving the endorsement of Philadelphia City Councilwoman Cindy Bass on Wednesday.

Boyle and Margolies are in competition with State Senator Daylin Leach, and Dr. Valerie Arkoosh for the 13th district Democratic nomination.

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5 thoughts on “PA-13: Philly Council Prez Backs Boyle”

  1. Progressive for PA says:

    Progressive Against Daylin, check out

    When DFL calls you a champion, it’s pretty clear where you stand.

  2. Progressive Against Daylin says:

    Brendan Boyle isn’t anti-choice, you idiot!! Just because he is from the Northeast doesn’t mean he’s against women’s rights.

    He cares more about working class people than Daylin, the elitist clown prince of the Main Line.

    “Politics is serious business. We need a Congresperson, not a clown”
    -Progressive Against Daylin

  3. Bluedog says:

    Sanders v. Mezvinsky,
    265 B.R. 681

  4. Bluedog says:

    The shame would be to waste it on a vacous and trite poser like MMM. Cant win on gender pandering and whining about voting to raise taxes for Clinton back in the day. Can we please elect someone who will do the work, serve the district and have a future in leadership.
    MMM: “Tell Mr. DeMille I am ready for my close up” eeeeeewwwwwwwwww

  5. C.E. says:

    It would be a shame if this seat went from Allyson, a true pillar in the pro-choice community to Brendan Boyle, a pro-lifer.

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